Tuesday, July 31, 2012

SDL and Games Wod

First time doing Sumo Deadlifts.  Kind of amazing that I have been doing crossfit for 6 years and this movement has never come up.  Last night I woke up and checked the Craic site and realized that I could actually do a wod with the class as it was the same.   That all fell apart when the one rep max DL ending up taking a lot longer.   I ended up woding during the skill drills of the 6:30am class.  More on that later.
A) Sumo DL - Build to a 1RM 
135, 225, 275, 325, 295(3) changed to metal plates and miscalculated. Wondered why it felt light
365, 415, 425, 425 (wanted to nail the form) and then ended with 435.  New PR
Deadlift @315 
Box Jump @30"

That strength portion took a lot out of me and I went ended feeling not so strong.  First round I ripped off 10 straight no problem.  After that it got heavy and i was doing 4, then 3s then 2;s and 1's.  Boxes were fine as I just tried to keep moving,  First round was about 4minutes.   I was coming up at 10 minutes when Jarrod switched off the clock - damn.  immediately turned on the iphone.   Total time was about 10:42.

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