Friday, November 30, 2012

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lalanne Visit 2

I was able to squeeze another trip to Lalanne in between calls, meetings, dinners and what seems to be the daily crisis.  I really like there programming as its a good combination of strength and metcons.

Every 30 Seconds - 3 Deadlifts for 10 minutes

Good Mornings

5X5 @95lbs  80% effort

For Time

7 Rounds
10 Burpees
10 KB Swings @ 70lbs


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Crossfit Lalanne

I was in the office by 5:45am but the good news is that I was able to break away for an hour at 6:30pm to hit the wod at Crossfit Lalanne.    I was psyched when I arrived and saw that Will Sockolov was the coach.   Will is great at evaluating my mobility and eyeing areas that might be holding me back and giving me 2-3 things to address the limitation.

5 Min  Row

Mobility - large emphasis on hips

 As noted:

Back Squat:  5X3

Warm_up - 45bs. 135lbs, 185lbs, 225 lbs

rd 1 - 3 reps @ 275lbs
rd 2 - 3 reps @ 275lbs
rd 3 - 3 reps @ 275lbs
rd 4 - 3 reps @ 275lbs
rd 5 - 3 reps @ 275lbs

WOD-  5 rounds of

10 Back Squats without rack - (rx -185lbs)
10 OH Walking Lunge 45b plate
200M Farmers Walk - 2 @ 55lb KBS

I decided to go with 175lbs.   No one in the class went over 135lbs.  There was a 12 minute cap but I didnt notice this till the 4th round.   I just missed the cap by 18 seconds.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Rest Day

Rest Day in SF.  Long day for sure.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

3 x 10 min AMRAP plus a girl

I was looking forward to this WOD.  A straight out old school crossfit wod - 10 min AMRAP with some basic movements.  The challenge was whether 5 minute recovery was going to be enough.

10min AMRAP x 3 with 5min rest in between
10 Cals on AD 
10 HPC @85lbs - focus on form 
10 Pushups
10 Double unders
Round 1 - 5 rounds plus 20 reps
Round 2 - 5 rounds plus 10 reps - the AD shut down on my 5th round wasted precious time resetting
Round 3 - 5 rounds plus 16 reps 

Consistent from round to round - all pushups and HPC unbroken
Double unders - not perfect but pretty good
After I was done I watched  Super Paul Teehan do Annie so I figured I would give it a try as well.
Annie - 50,  double unders and sit-ups
5:49 - Unofficial time as I had no counter or judge.  Either way happy with the effort. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Third Times a Charm

I have been done these Rear foot elevated Split Squats and today I finally did them correctly.  I managed to the get the knee down, no pauses, the right timing on ups and downs and used two dumbells. Minor Victory.

A) Rear foot elevated Split Squat @4020 (4 down 2 up - no pause)  4-6 x 5 
Round 1 - 6 reps with 2 30lb dbs
Round 2 - 6 reps with 2 40lb dbs 
Round 3 - 6 reps with 2 40lb dbs 
Round 4 - 6 reps with 2 40lb dbs
Round 5 - 6 reps with 2 40lb dbs
Legs were really wobbly after this one. Needed some time to recover before I did the WOD
40 Sec THR @115lbs
40 sec AD 
rest 3:00 
x 3 
- All out efforts 
Round 1 - 14 Thrusters  and 15 cals
Round 2 - 15 Thrusters  and 12 cals
Round 3 - 14 Thrusters and 12 cals

Friday, November 23, 2012

Run Day vs Rest Day

I decided to do a run as I thought it might help speed up my recovery.   Probably would have if the course wouldnt have been so hilly.   I really had to hold myself back from going all out against the course.  I have done this run plenty of times in the past.  Can really tell that I have nt been running in a long while.

Legs havent recovered from the last few days and Im not sure the run helped

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Crossfit Mount Kisco

A new box opened up 10 minutes from my mother in laws house two weeks ago - Crossfit Mount Kisco this would make working out simple If they allow drops.  So I sent them an email    I sent them an  email earlier this week.  They got right back to me that they did but they would be closed on Thursday and Friday.   Last night I decided to check once more as these things can change, and low and behold they had a 7am and 9:30am class today.  I decided to go to the 7am class as I thought dropping in on that one would be the least disruptive.  "Who in the world would be up that early on a holiday".  

As I have found at every crossfit box - these guys were super welcoming! In fact this might have been in the top 5 in terms of making me feel at home.


followed my min-wod

300m Row
400m Run

Total time- 3:15

I was happy with the row staying well below 1:30 pace. When I got off I couldnt believe how wobbly my legs were.  I was expecting to be winded but not wobbly.  Took me 150m to find a decent pace.  If I do this again I think its probably smart to slow down the row just a bit so the run can be harder. 

Followed By
BEAR COMPLEX - 5 Rounds of 5 reps of
Front Squat
Shoulder to OH
Back Squat
Shoulder to OH

I think the bear complex is one of the best all around wods that exists.  Its been a few months since I have done this but I think Im much stronger.  I probably started out to light and should have taken a shot at 175lbs.  I should have used the 95lb round as my warm up round.

Round 1 - 95lbs
Round 2 - 105bs
Round 3 - 115lbs
Round 4 - 135lbs
Round 5 - 155lbs

They were absolutely great about letting me hang out and do the wod my coach programmed for me.

1min KBS@70
1min rest 
1min Burpees 
1min Rest 
x 2
rest 3min 

I feel like my metcon is coming around with all of this interval type work.  Feeling good about how things are coming together as I'm maintaining my strength as well as now getting the engine tuned up.  As long as work doesn't wear me down to badly I will be ready for March.
Round 1 -  27 swings - 24 burpees
Round 2 - 20 swings - 16 burpees
Round 3 - 22 swings 17 Burpees
Round 4 - 24 swings 18 Burpees  

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I think this workout is exactly what I need to improve my metcon.   Intervals but a recovery that keeps me working so that the WOD is long by Crossfit Standards.   Tried to stay 1:30 or less on the Row.  That was harder than I expected it to be.  Even the 50% effort seemed hard after the interval.

5min warmup 
40sec @100% 
4:20 @50% 
rest 5mins 
5min row warmup 
40sec @100% 
4:20 @50% 

Rest Day

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Basic but Brutal

A) Seated Behind the neck shoulder press 4-6 x 5 - rest 2mins 
Warm up 10x45lbs and 6@95
Rd 1 - 115 (6 reps)
Rd 2 - 125 (6 reps)  
Rd 1 - 125 (6 reps)
Rd 2 - 125 (6 reps)
Rd 1 - 115 (4 reps)
Rd 2 - 125 (5 reps)
B)Squat Snatch w 2 sec pause above the knee - 6x3  (moderately heavy) rest 10sec
Did 6X3 at 95lbs and then did 6X3 @105lbs. Probably should have gone heavier
C1) Strict Pullups 1 sec hold at top + bottom x6 - rest 20sec
C2) strict dips with 2 sec pause at the bottom AMRAP x 6 - rest 3min
Rd 1 - 10 & 9
Rd 2 - 8 & 8
Rd 3 - 6 &7
Rd 4 - 5 & 6
Rd 5 - 4 & 7
Rd 6 - 6 & 6
D) DB ext rot 8-10 x 3 - 1min rest bwt arms

Sunday, November 18, 2012


Todays WOD was an AMRAP interval with rest built in.  I dont think I have ever done an AMRAP with rest but I defintely needed as I was going all out.  Made one minor change in changing the rest from 3 minutes to 2 minutes so I had a shot at getting 5 rounds in.

15min AMRAP 
5 C2B 
7 Pushups 
15 Double Unders
20 cals on AD
rest 3min 

5 Rounds
Rd 1 - 1:14
Rd 2 - 1:30
Rd 3 - 1:29
Rd 4 - 1:21
Rd 5 - 1:14

Saturday, November 17, 2012

FLL Robotics Comp and then WOD

FLL Robotics Competition (7:30am - 3pm)  and then back to our regularly scheduled programming.  When I looked at this WOD I thought it was exactly the same as Tuesday.  Sent out a quick email to the coach for clarification and he pointed the time and rep counts had changed.  Little things like this change the workouts pretty dramatically.   Unlike Tuesday I had plenty of time to get the work in and I still managed to mess it up.

A) Rear foot elevated Split Squat @4020 (4 down 2 up - no pause)  4-6 x 5 
 The first mistake I made was doing this movement only holding one dumbell versus two.   I went with 45lbs and felt all proud of myself of getting the rep count down but doing 8 reps every round.  Yeh nice job but it was 4-6 reps not 8-10 reps.   The upside is that my legs were screaming so I worked them very hard regardless of whether I got the reps and weights right.
 So my simple mindedness didn't end there I was suppose to do 40 sec movements but I wrote down 30 second intervals thinking I did 20 second intervals on Tuesday.
What I was suppose to do!
40 Sec THR 
40 sec AD 
rest 3:00 
x 3 
- All out efforts

What I did by accident
30 Sec THR 
30 sec AD 
rest 2:00 
x 3 
- All out efforts 
Round 1 - 11 reps - 11 cals
Round 2 - 11 reps - 10 cals
Round 3 - 11 reps - 10 cals
I also warmed up and closed with double unders on the minute trying to do 30 consecutive.  

I actually just read the workout plan and I actually did the right thing.   The other wods are for next week.  Maybe I just need to get some sleep. 

Friday, November 16, 2012

My Friday Night Lights

I have shifted my training to late nights this week because of my schedule.    Training at night in the empty gym brings me back to the days when I would spend every weekend in the field house at SLU.  I think I was the only one in there on a Friday and Saturday night.  I had the whole place to myself and it was awesome.   I would spend hours working on my soccer skills or in the weight room.   Im not sure as a teenager I would have programmed something as punishing as this workout but pretty darn close.

5min warmup 
30sec @100% 
4:30 @50% 
rest 5mins 
3 TnG PC @135lbs
5 Burpees
Sprint 100m 
rest 6:00

Round 1 1:27
Round 2 1:15
Round 3 1:19

This was all about the transition into the rower as over half the time was on this.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Late Night Wod

Day was so busy I didnt get into the gym until 9pm.   I'm always in a good state when I am the gym by myself at night.  

A) Seated Behind the neck shoulder press 6-8 x 5 - rest 2mins
Warm-Up - 95lbs

115lbs - 7 reps
115lbs - 8 reps
115lbs - 6 reps
115lbs - 5 reps
115lbs - 6 reps

B1) Squat Clean w 2 sec pause above the knee - 6x3  (moderately heavy) rest 10sec
B2) Strict C2B's x6 - rest 3mins

1. 3x175lbs - 12 reps
2. 3x175lbs - 12 reps
3. 3x175lbs - 12 reps
4. 3x175lbs - 12 reps
5. 3x175lbs - 12 reps
6. 3x175lbs - 10 reps

C) 3 Kipping HSPU OTM for 10mins - this is skill work working on the kip

Actually very happy with how this went.  I did strict HSPU for the first 4 rounds and then remembered that I was suppose to be doing kipping HSPU's

D) DB external rotations 8-10 x 3
E) Back extensions 3x8 - 2 sec pause at the bottom + top - this was brutal.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lack of Quality

I changed my plans and flew to NY monday night so I didnt have to get up at 4am.  This did allow me to get in the gym and get my work in before my 8am meeting.  The downside it was in the hotel gym which is never easy.

A) Rear foot elevated Split Squat @4020 (4 down 2 up - no pause)  8-10 x 5 
when I give rep ranges (i.e. 8-10) it means you have to do min 8, max 10. If you get to 10 increase the weight - 1min rest between legs, 3min bwt sets. 
This was a bit of shit show.   I started with two 50lb dumbells and realized I would never make it through 5 rounds.  Shifted to 40lb weights and still struggled mightly.   Since the range of motion is so short 4 seconds seems like an hour, and no pause at the top is pure torture.   Even if I didnt get this perfect I felt like I benefited.
Shockingly this hotel as barbells so the Thursters were fine but having to walk all the way across the gym to get on the treadmill and then waiting it to crank up to speed made it challenging.    I just cut down my rest sot that I gave myself 2 minutes to get it done and then start over.  Averaged at least 7 reps on Thrusters.
20 Sec THR 
20 sec AD 
rest 1:20 
x 3 
- All out efforts

Monday, November 12, 2012

Good Start

Coach J had programmed a good re-entry wod which I was glad to do today. 

20min AMRAP 
3 Muscle Ups 
7 KBS@70lbs
10 GHD Situps 
Run 400m 

Goal here is consistent work rate - everything unbroken and that is what I did.

5 Rounds plus 3+7+9

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Worn Out

I ended up taking Friday through Sunday off.   I didnt land until after 1am on Friday and never even got in bed until around 3am.   So the aggregate impact of not enough sleep wrecked me the entire weekend

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Feeling Guilty

Im feeling guilty and since I am Vegas most people might think its because I went to some strip club or got into some other mischief.   Nope its because I did step-ups on the box jumps today versus all jumps.   Its been nagging me all day.   Let me at least explain my logic.   I havent done Kelly or for that matter an 30 minute metcon in over 5 months and thought it might not be a great idea to hit a high rep girl right out of the box.  I started the first round doing full movement box jumps but them mixed in step-up/ step down to increase my cycle time.   This kept me moving fast.   The wall balls felt good and I was doing them big chunk sets.  I think even in the 4th round I did 20 straight.  Those didnt give me too much trouble.  The box jumps did.

5 Rounds
30 Box Jumps
30 Wall Balls

Time - 29:30 much slower than my best time which was last year.  When I was done I wished I would have done straight box jumps.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

No where to go but up

Pressed for time this morning because of an early start to our executive meeting so tied to the hotel gym.   Since the Craicers are doing 2k row I decided to do that as well.  Its been awhile and with my metcon in the toilet this was sure to be a major league suck fest.

2K row - 7:30

Here are the detailed stats:

Quick 5 minute break and then an 8min AMRAP

10 OHS with a 70lbs short bar
10 Burpees

6 Rounds plus 10OHS and 1 burpee

This was miserable as well.  I felt like I was completely walking through this one.  Seemed like the wheels came off after the first round which was barely under a minute.  Not sure if i am just getting old or there is something else wrong with me.

Very Sad  :(

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Crossfit Las Vegas

Dennis and I decided to make the trek over to Crossfit Las Vegas since it will become increasing difficult to get a workout in before the days meetings occur. 

Mobility work - double unders and active warm-up

Clean and Jerk
5×3 @ 80% 1 RM Clean and Jerk
Warmed up with 135, 165

5X3 @185lbs - Felt really good.   Power cleaned a few reps in the last 2 rounds.   First 3 rounds did straight through without dropping the bar.   Really happy considering this had been a but of struggle on the jerk last year.

Tabata double unders
Tabata situps
Tabata thrusters (95/65)
Tabata double unders

  Double Unders Sit-Ups Thrusters Double-Unders
Rd1 35 13 7 0
Rd2 18 13 6 13
Rd3 27 13 5 9
Rd4 5 13 4 9
Rd5 10 12 4 10
Rd6 19 13 2 15
Rd7 19 12 4 23
Rd8 11 11 4 14
Total 144 100 36 93

 This Tabata series was brutal.  Usually I can power through a movement but with Thrusters and Double Unders it was impossible to power thru.  I was completely smoked. Fun to do this kind of WOD I miss them.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Travel Day

Up early to get to Vegas so that I can get through all of my meetings.  Productive day with very few distractions.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Out of the norm

Another couple of wods that I just havent done very often.  Im still having a hard time getting out of bed early.  I am defaulting on the extra sleep hoping that will help me recover.   That said I was still in the gym just after 7:30.

A1) weighted pullups - 5x5 -
rest 30sec
A2) weight dips 5x5 
rest 2mins  -
All rounds @45lbs.  Failed on the last rep in the 5th round of pullups,   4 Rounds of strict. Gave myself a few kipping in round 5.  Felt great on the dips.
5 rounds - record time but don't rush 
max reps BW bench press 175lbs
max reps pullups

I was struggling trying to stay out of the way of the class on this one.  

Rd1 - 5, 22
Rd 2 - 6, 25
Rd 3 - 5, 11
Rd 4 - 5, 15
Rd 5 - 5, 21

I missed the part where the breaks were suppose to be short. this WOD took me 24 minutes to do.  I have to say that my grip/forearms were shot from the weighted pullups.  Mentally I wasnt really ready to push myself to get those extra 3-4.

Finisher 10x15 double-unders

This is the best these have felt in a long time.  Only 11 attempts to get 10x15. 

My left shoulder is bothering me a bit.  Will need to work on that over the next week.  I will be in Vegas this week and the box is a 30 dollar cab ride each way.  It might just be the hotel gym and body weight stuff and a dumbell wod.   If you have any ideas please post in the comment section. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Movements

My coach programmed a new movement - Rear foot elevated squats.  I have seen them done but have never done them before.  Looking forward to see how they go. 
A) - Rear foot elevated split squats with dumbells - 8-8-8-8 -- rest 1min betwee legs - 3mins between sets 
warm up with 2 30lb dumbells
2-40's for 8 left and right
2-45's for 8 left and right
2-50's for 8 left and right
2-55's for 8 left and right
I think next time I will go with 55 right from the start.  

B) - Hang Squat Clean - 3 on the min for 10mins - view as skill work 
Did 3@135lbs for 10min
not for time 
5 rounds 
15 GHD situps (add weight and do them slow) 
15 Unbroken double unders 
15 Wallballs
For some reason I really struggled getting 15 DU's in a row.  It seemed every round i would get 13-14 and then mess up. I ended up doing close to 50 per round.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Surprised Myself

I have been joining the class for the warm-ups and I think I have everyone confused as on Monday the wod lined up so today they all thought I would be joining them for C&J 1 rep max.   Did pass my mind that might be fun but stuck with the plan.

On the min for 20min 
even mins - 2 Squat Clean @205lbs 
odd mins - 3 muscle ups

I have to admit that I was a bit concerned about doing this for 20 minutes.  I wondered if I would even make it past 10 minutes.  Could I do 15?  Maybe I should do 10 and call it a day.  3, 2, 1 go....
I really tried to focus on my form in both movements so that I would use minimal energy,   I decided to just worry about the round and rep that I was on and dont think any further ahead.  This kind of strategy has been very effective for me historically and it worked again today.  The cleans didnt wreck me nor did the muscle ups.  No fails across the board.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rest Day

Good to take a rest day