Sunday, July 22, 2012

Priority #1 and then Training

I wanted to get Marty up one more peak before he had to leave so I put my training plan after the hike.   We had a nice little crew to go up Dorr - Marty, Jack and Susie.  Marty found out very quickly that Dorr is very different the other trails that we covered yesterday.    Having Jack with us also adds another wrinkle as he always pushes the pace right out of the gate.  When he was younger he used to bonk but now he doesnt really even fade!   We had another spectacular day and the photos show it.

Mid point
Mary and Susie on the open rock

She made it!
But this guy is the winner again

The trek back down is as hard as the trek up!

Tight - I mean the space

My favorite section the steps near the rock face

Once I got home I  got after my strength training.   The good news I was pretty warm, which is good because when Im up here I hate warming up.  I would rather just get right into it.

Press 3x3
Warm up 15reps@45 and then 5@95lbs
135lbs for my 3x3.   I would have really been thrilled to do 155lbs.  I still dont have the shoulder strength that I need.

Close grip Bench - Warm Up 107 (started were Susie ended her Max Press), 135, 165

Started at 185lbs and banged out two reps and the got a cramp in my back.  Using a box jump as a bench sucks.   I thought that I could get it after stretching out but ended up doing 185 - 3 by 2 as I failed on all 3 third lifts.

After a day by the pool I came home and got after the WOD.

60sec on clock 
5 HPS@95
5 BoxJumps
Max calories on Rower in remaining time. 
rest 6mins 
x 6
score = cals per round - watch for critical drop off 

Round 1 - 11
Round 2 - 14
Round 3- 14
Round 4 - 9 - rower was set to wrong screen
Round 5 - 17
Round 6 - 13
Round 7 - Make up round for round 4 = 18

The official video if you are interested in critiquing the movements:

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