Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Rest Day

Traveled to SF on Monday.  Took a rest day.  Thought about going to Lalanne but they were doing bar muscleups and I am trying to heal my shoulder. 

325 Hotel Room Burpees

Hotel Room view 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Split Jerks and EMOM 7

Split Jerks and EMOM 7
PVC pipe warm up

1 rep max Split jerk

Partnered up with Steve Mammone. We started at 135lbs and this was way harder than it should have been. Not sure if it's this shoulder tweak I have or just general overall fatigue. Either way there was nothing in the engine room. I wasn't getting under the bar or executing with an explosive movement. I tapper out at 185lbs. Steve PR'd at 205lbs which was great.

Every 7 minutes complete 3 rounds of:
5 C2B - I subbed in BURPEE pull-ups
10 Pistols - alternating legs
15 S2OH @ 95lbs

Did the 1st round in 5:12
2nd and 3rd Round dropped the reps to 10 on S2OH.

Round 2 - 5:00
Round 3 - 4:40

Pistols were not bad at all.

Lots of texts with the boys from Clarkson regarding the opens. Might have to try 15.5 seems quite awful.

John Durocher

Sunday, March 29, 2015

CrossFit SOBO Comp WODs

Mobility -
Shoulders and Hips
Warm up -

150 Burpees
Thrusters @95lbs - 2 sets 10-15

Wod 1
6 minutes to establish a 2 RM Thruster. 60 seconds to set your bar up for:

10 Deadlifts (125/85 40-54)
10 Burpees Over the Bar
5 rounds plus 1

You cannot start to set up your bar for the AMRAP until the 6 minute mark. The AMRAP 5 will start at the 7 minute mark.

For Time,
1000M Row
30 Cleans (95/65 40-49)(85/55 50-54)(75/45 55+)
30 Box Jumps/Box Step Ups (24/20" 40-54)(20" 55+)

300 Burpees for the day so far

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Back at Craic

Back on schedule in fact even early.   We moved the start time to 7am and still got there at 6:45.   I
sent out lots of options and we ended up going with Craic programming for last Saturday.  The regular crew was in the house -  Steve Mammone, Rob Potash, Dennis Mahoney, Tom Gormley.

120 Burpees in warm ups.

10 SNATCHES @115

This was pretty damn hard.  No place to hide and the cleans were brutal after the row and burpees.

2 Rounds plus 14 calories.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Night Soccer

When I got up it was raining and 40 degrees. No way was i going to do the Row and Run WOD.  Opted to get an early start on my emails.  During the course of the day got in 250 burpees.  Its a heck of lot easier doing reps of 10 over the course of the day versus 200-300 in 20-30 minutes.

Good run with the boys tonight.  Nice to be able to play with Tris. He was sporting his Schweinsteiger Germany National team jersey.   We played for close to 1hr and 30 minutes.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Travel Karma

Early trip to airport and lots of waiting around.  Flight from Madrid to Boston was long, close to 8 hours.   Lots of time to watch movies - Wild Card (Jason Statham),  Tell (indie film) and 30 for 30  Of Miracles and Men which was the Russian view of the 1980 Olympic Hockey and 2 Episodes of Being Liverpool.

Best decision of the day was forfeiting our business class seats on the flight from Newark to Boston and taking an earlier flight. Fortuitous because the later flight was delayed 6 hours and then finally canceled.   Got home unpacked - started laundry and did 10 burpees.  So tired.  Dennis is now 500+ ahead.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Last Day in Madrid

Susie and I went to the Museo Nacional del Prado given that she missed it yesterday while Martha, Jack and Tristan explored the city.   We met up at the Mercado San Miguel which was a much smaller market than in Barcelona but had many tables and bars so you could stay and eat. Really Cool.

We had lunch at Taberna Los Huevos De Lucio.   Which I highly recommend.   We had the best seat in the house as you will see right in the wine storage vault.   It is run by the younger generation of the family behind revered restaurant The Casa Lucio across the street.  Which we mistakenly went to first.  We had no idea we were in the wrong spot until they seated us and we looked at the menu.   We bravely walked out as the menu and atmosphere are totally different.  

Traditional dish of eggs, bacon and french fries!

On the way back to the hotel we stopped Football Mania.  These stores are amazing. Had Tris jumping for joy on the way there.

In the afternoon we went to the Royal Palace of Madrid to see the Royal Armoury.
The Palace was pretty amazing especially with the dark clouds that were rolling through.

 No photos are allowed in the Armoury but Martha discretely took a shot only to be picked up on the security camera.  We of course quickly walked away when the guard approached her to give her a scolding.

 From there we went to Bernabeu Stadium (Estadio Santiago Bernabeu).   It was hard to top the Camp Nou tour but the Tour of Bernabeu was pretty awesome.   I was shocked that the locker room was just like any other locker room.   No murals on the wall or carpet with the logo.

Visitor Locker Room
Real Madrid Locker Room

This guy wants to be in the match not on the bench

 We were all pretty exhausted but we had dinner and Flamenco planned at Corral de la Moreria.   It started off well as I was able to snap a few photos at sunset that were absolutely stunning.

From there it went downhill.   We were all hungry and did I mention tired?   Did I mention our table was right next to the stage?   Did I mention Flamenco is wicked loud when your ear is at the same level as the dancers shoes they seem to be trying to break thru the floor with.   Well Tristan had a meltdown I think he only got there first because of his age.  That said the food was actually pretty good and the dancing and singing good if you like that kind of thing.  Tris was excused and I won the chance to walk him back to the hotel.  When we came out we took a night shot of the Palace.

 We used his opportunity to make one more stop at the Mercado.  Easter candy was now on display.

The final shots are of the Palacio de las Cortes de España & El Congreso de los Diputados
The Congreso de los Diputados (Congress of Deputies of Spain) is the seat of the lower house of the Spanish Parliament, and the building where the Parliament is located is called the Palacio de las Cortes de España.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Travel Day - Barcelona to Madrid - Prado Museum and Dinner

We took the High Speed Train to Madrid.  Amazing how smooth and fast is was. Once we got to Hotel we took a stroll to get lunch nearby

Westin "Palace" Hotel

Dinner with Jaime Aguilara and his Mom.   We ate at Alkade Restaurant.

After dinner we walked back to the Hotel