Friday, January 25, 2013

Red Eye

Go a decent amount of sleep on the red eye but clearly running on fumes today.  My neck started bothering me, the oblique stain is still there and now I have a cold.  Im not really surprised considering what I have asked of my body over the weekend.   I guess the lesson would be to take a little more rest.  I had lowered the intensity the first two days but probably should have gone easy on Thursday as well.  Lesson learned.  I'm just hoping this strain doesn't set me back to far.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Work or Rest

I was thinking about taking an extra rest day but Jason Gold from Craic was in town and I thought it would be fun to train with him at Lalanne's so I decided to do the class.  


Band Drills - we had bands around ankles and above knee and did about 10 minutes of work.  My piriformis was certainly screaming!
3 rounds

Practice Pistol dill
Step Ups

Great warm up and especially the pistol drill which worked on stability and balance.

 7x2 Deadlift

I had done this with the class last time I was in SF on Jan 9

Good warm up and I was getting after it.

1st Round = 2@355
2nd Round = 1@355 and then came up lame.  I felt something pull in my Left Oblique.   This wasnt just a minor thing as it took my breath away.  I tried to stretch and see if it would loosen up and I had no luck.    I out my weights away and considered doing the wod but realized that would be a bad idea as it was really bothering me.  I hate to leave class injured and early.   Very disappointing.  Im hoping a recover quickly.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Considered but Rejected

I considered taking a rest day but I cant help myself I just enjoy going to the gym to start my day.


3 rounds
10 situps
10 presses

"Standing Lynn"     
 5 Rounds:            
 Max Reps Shoulder Press 
 Max Reps Pull Ups  

I considered doing 135lbs or 115lbs but then got smart and went with 95lbs.  Decided it would be smarter to take it just a little bit easier while trying to recover.

Round 1 - 15 -16
Round 2 - 15 - 15
Round 3 - 10-15
Round 4 - 14-15
Round 5  - 8-20 Not much rest in this round, hence the low press reps.

I just kept the pullups moving and didnt go near the edge since i was recovering

7 min  on the minute 

150m Row
with the time remaining burpees!

This was tough.  I was getting only 3-4 burpees per round

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Not Fully Recovered

I hit the 6am class at Lalanne this morning and realized I was probably not fully recovered from the weekends competition.


1k row

Front Squat 3x17reps

The front squats went fine. I did 155lbs and felt pretty well.

Elizabeth 21-15-9

Squat clean
Ring Dips

This I was definitely not recovered for and scaled down to 95lbs and still found it challenging. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Rest Day

Rest Day - Took the family and Christina to the airport early.  Sad to have them all leave.    Time to get back to work - my job and training.   I need to get this movie as I have really enjoyed the clips especially this one:

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Norcal Day 2

2 Wods today and they both look heinous. The first one is a chipper and on paper looks ok until you realize you do all the barbell work with Fat Gripz. Good think I practiced that ....Not. The other one was suppose to be a prowler push but it was scratching the floor so they went to wheel barrow push. That I have done before. But I suspect they will be putting some thing heavier than grass clippings in it.   They had an athlete's briefing scheduled for 6:30am and I decided to blow it all so the whole family could get a little more rest.   My motivation level was not sky high when I got to the venue as it had been a long day.    When I had posted the updates about the day 2 wods all the athletes back home were posting their support.  This one from Judy Mulladey stood out " Good luck today John! You've got what it takes! My immediate reply was " I may have what it takes but I'm not certain I want to give it up"  It was all going to come down to that.  Whether I wanted to enter the pain cave.  

The Fat Gripz Master Chipper

20/15 Cal Row
50m Bear Crawl
13 Thrusters (65/95)
13 Up and Over Box Jumps (20/24) must leave ground with both feet but no need to open hips at top
13 Deadlifts  (105/165)
13 Wall Balls (9 feet/10 feet  14/20)
13 Ring Dips.
And then back down

As we entered the competition area I went in first so I could get a rower on the end.  For some reason I dont like having athletes on both sides of me.  I had Skip Hanson who was sitting in 2nd place right next to me.   The athletes who had gone earlier warned me that the 2nd bear crawl is completely awful and Elaine Polito said to just keep a steady pace. Here she is giving me guidance.

3,2,1 go....  The first row went well. It felt easy and smooth and was over in no time at all.   Skip finished right behind me.  That should have been my immediate tip off that I was going out to fast.  Skip is 6ft tall and weights 205 and has a Helen time of 7:25.  So he is big and fast.   I made it through the bear crawls first and then hit the thrusters and plowed thru them.  Still in first.  Slowed down at the boxes but managed to get through them as well.  Deadlift no problem. Skip and I still  1 and 2.  Now I notice Freddy who had been way behind closing ground.  Wall balls slowed me down some more as I had a few no reps and then I hit the dips.  Freddy by that time had caught us and hit the dips unbroken.   Skip and I were really slowing down. Skip told me later he got no repped multiple times.   Now I was really hurting.  More no reps in the wall balls.  A slight respite int the deadlift.   The Box jumps just tried to keep moving.  Susie and were screaming encouragement and all I was thinking about was whether I was going to be able to even finish.  Freddy was now way past us.  I could see him getting to the rower just as I started the final thrusters which I broke up into 7,4,2.   The bear crawl was the worst. I actually had to stop at the turnaround and even the judge started yelling me to move it.   I was never more happy to see a rower.   20 Calories to go,  I could hear the announcer calling calories and I knew i was neck and neck with Steve Crane and gave it everything I had in the last part and then collapsed on the floor.  Here are a few photos so you can see it was no joke that I wrecked myself.  None of them are pretty.  
Yep Im drooling...
The final push. "yes Jarrod I know my knees are not suppose to bend out"

I have no idea I even gashed my finger on the box jumps until someone told me.

Susie and Christina had thought I finished second but Steve Crane nipped me by 2 seconds  12:06 to 12:08.    Freddy destroyed the field with a time of 9:55!  1 minute faster than than anyone else.  I took 5th in the event.  It goes to show you know how to pace.  Keep it under control.  I told Freddy after that I got a better workout because I blew up  :).  

So after that event I had moved up to 4th place and was wondering whether they would take the top 3 of top 5 to the finals.  They hadnt announced it.   I know its a sad thing to say but I was hoping it would be 3 and we could go back to hotel and enjoy the rest of the day.     

Forgot to mention yesterdays speakers - Susie and Christina both got to hear and then get feedback on their lifts form Mark Bell and Jesse Burdick.   Today they got to hear and speak with
Annie Sakamoto, Jim Baker and Kelly Starrett.   Photos here:

 While they were doing all that I was at the booth of   Kinetic - Chain Sport talking to Monte Spicer and Tammy Marquez.   There tag line is Treating Everyday People Like Million Dollar Athletes.  The use a combination of Sports Massage Recovery and Active Release Therapy. They both are working on you at the same time and it was like having  a pit crew.  Walked away from that treatment feeling great and I will definitely see them again.

The last event which had been modified was going to be quick with a 5 minute cutoff.  It was all going to come down to the double-unders.  Who ever blinks would lose.

"Junior " MiniWod 3:

    35 Air Squats
    run to the other end of the MiniWod arena
    pick up 2 plates (45/25)
    run plates back to start
    add the plates to the wheel barrel
    walk/run wheel barrel straight back down same path
    stop half way
    perform 35 air squats
    continue to move wheel barrel to finish line
    push entire wheel barrel and your body over the finish line
    perform 100 double unders

 Freddy and Skip went in the heat in front of me so I knew that it would take about 2 minutes to do the first part and then it all came down to whether you had the double unders.  Freddie scorched it and finished in 3:11.  He got 98 straight before he messed up.  Skip finished in 3:30.

As expected I got through the first part fairly easily.  Air Squats no problem,  had a moment of trouble getting the weights onto prowler/wheel barrel and then getting the wheel barrel to go straight.  Hit the double unders in 2 minutes.   I got a nice chunk straight away but then I ticked the barrier rope behind me as I had floated backward.  I was also worried about Eric Delgado next to me as he was floating into my lane.   Got through it with about 5 mess ups.   Not bad but not quite good enough.  Finished in 5th. 10 seconds faster and I would have been tied for 4th and 12 second faster would have been 3rd.

After that event there was a big layoff while Kelly Starett took the floor for his talk.

 It was now time to wait and ponder what they might be throwing at us.  It was confirmed that they were taking top 5 so I was in as I was still in 4th.   I  kept my eyes on the competitor area and noticed they had left up the rings and put the barbells back out but with limited weight.   When they announced the final wod I felt pretty good as it was a Squat Snatch - Muscle Up ladder.  The original time was 7 minutes which was then reduced to 5 minutes.  The rep scheme was 1 snatch - 2 muscle ups.  As I warmed up with Skip, Freddy, and Scott Taylor I felt confident in my squat snatch as I had been drilling it for a long time.  

When they called our group it felt great to be on the floor with such a great group of athletes.  I hit the first snatch no problem but go no repped on my first muscle up for not locking out.  Silly as I was up and just came down to quickly. It was the right call for sure.   I got through the first 4 rounds and really wanted the 5th and rushed the lifts but couldnt end the round.  I got 4 rounds plus 3 snatches. Good for 3rd behind Skip and the overall winner - Brad Matsik.  Wasnt able to gain enough ground to move up so finished in 4th.   Just off the podium.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Norcal Masters Day 1

The trip over to Ricmond at 6:30am took no time at all.   I was there in 20 minutes.   The Craneway Pavillion is an awesome place to have a crossfit event.  Take a look at the photos.

The first wod was called a "YOUNGIN" and on paper it didnt look to bad.   It was 3 minutes to find your 1 rep max weighted pullup.  I had no idea what to go for as you could kip.   Warm area was small so there was a line of people trying to figure out their strategy.  You didnt want to try to many attempts and leave yourself tired for the 1 minute max Farmer carry. I warmed up at 53lbs - no problem but then went to 90 and failed.  When the WOD started I went right to 70 and nailed it.  Then I went to 88lbs and got that as well.   I added 10lbs and failed twice.  Its easy to say i should have backed off and tried 92.  After the 3 minutes was up we had 15 seconds to line up with our 2 70lb kettlebell and do a 1 minute AMRAP  You get one pt per 10m trip.  Score is total of  trips.  Both feet must go over line at turn of carry.  Now I had witnessed some major blow ups.  One dude drop both on the concrete floor and they went skidding into other competitors and almost took them out like bowling pins.  Another dude tried to dive the mat and almost crushed himself.  I tried to stay out on the end.  I got 12 trips.   I was pretty happy with both of those WODS.  They were scored combined and I finished 9th overall.

5 min EMOM
At the top of each minute for five minutes you will attempt:

Burpee over barbell ( must do at least one) and one snatch—one attempt per minute only for the Snatch

-Your snatch attempt can be a power, muscle or full squat. You must show complete control and once again, you will only get one attempt each minute. You will have as many Burpee over Barbell attempts as you would like. You must start with your Burpee over Barbell and once you attempt your Snatch you cannot return to the Burpee over Barbell.

Rest one minute while changing weights

5 min EMOM

At the top of each minute for five minutes you will attempt:
Toes to Bar (must do at least one) and one Clean attempt-one attempt per minute only for the Clean

-Your Clean attempt can be a power, muscle or full squat. You must show complete control and once again, you will only get one attempt each minute. You will have as many Toes to Bar attempts as you would like. You must start with Toes to Bar and once you attempt your Clean you cannot return to the Toes to Bar.You will be allowed to preload your bar.

50% is number of burpees plus toes to bar
50% is total weight lifted (snatch plus clean). If you failed a rep, you  get a zero for that minute.

So this one I practiced as there was a lot of strategy to it and I am glad i did.  When I did the Burpee over barbell I did them facing and jumped and turned.  In the even you could jump perpendicular to bar which is much easier.

OLY Smokes  Part 1 - 58 Burpees and 5 Snatches at 155. Very happy with that.  I power snatched it and actually was pretty efficient on all but 1.

OLY part 2 - I loaded another 50lbs to get to 205.   Toes 2 Bar went well. Made up some ground with this movement.

Round 1 - 16
Round 2 - 14
Round 3 - 10
Round 4 - 10
Round 5 - 10
Total of 60 T2B and 5 Cleans at 205.  I got a lot of attention from the photograpers and the MC for my toes 2 bar and even had TJ come over to tell me he was a Jamaica Plain or West Roxbury  kid funny how poorly my mind works after a wod.

I finished in 5th on both of those to put me in third.   I had to wait awhile to start this WOD as a guy slipped off the bar during T2B hit the chalk bucket and ended up with a laceration to the head and a broken collar bone.   After this event it seemed like ages before i would be back at it with the WOD called Hellenita.  I was looking forward to this one.   I made sure I ate and drank but when this wod came around I was really lacking energy.  I was hoping that when I hit the floor I would get a surge.  

Part A:
3 rounds for time:
Run 150m shuttle
10 swings (53/35)
5 pullups

Part B:
Immediate AMRAP that totals 10 minutes including the first three rounds.
Runs will be broken up into 25m lengths so athletes will shuttle run down and back 3 times per round to total 150m.
Scoring for the AMRAP portion: Each 150m run gets 12 points or reps.  Each 12.5m gets 1 point.
Each round of the workout is 27 points (12 for run, 10kb, 5pullup).
Score: 50%  Time for first three rounds
50% total reps in 10min.

So I started off well and was in 2nd place finishing the runs but I kept getting no repped on the swing.  The standard was that bent arms were fine just that the bell had to be straight up.  I wasnt panicking but the extra reps were putting me behind and wearing me down.  I managed to hold it together for Part A but Part B didnt go so well.  I was really sucking wind and at one point i lost track of the laps and started to swing the KB until my judge said you have another lap.   As bad as It went I wasnt  really that discouraged. In fact the media guys had a camera and mike and where asking me about coming out from Boston for the event. I told them I was really glad I came  and the only thing I regretted was the that wod not being 2 minutes shorter.   I have a much better appreciation for what pro;s must feel like.  I was really spent and could barely breathe and there they were ready to interview.  I was trying not to look and sound like an idiot, not sure I accomplished that or not. Hopefully that will end up on the cutting room floor.


Helenitca 1 - 6th
Helentica 2 - 8th

This dropped me from 3rd to 5th.

The last wod of the day was called a mini as well but didnt seem like one.  It was called WhipRSnapR.  Row 1200m plus ball slams in 6 minutes.  Athlete will row 1200m for males.  With the remaining time athletes will ball slam.  Score is based on as many slam balls as possible.  Judging standard is that the arms and legs must be fully extended with ball overhead every rep. 40-49 Males 50lb ball.  I haven't done ball slams in years and when I warmed up with the 50lber It felt like 200lbs.  That said I was confident going into the row as I have been doing a ton of that.  My technique still isn't that good but I had a good understanding of pacing.   Susie game the number to beat from the prior heat ( the minis they split us into smaller groups) and this is a huge benefit for me as  I am much better killing myself to hit a number versus just trying to see what you can do. 

My judge was amazing as well.  She was coaching me the entire row.  I think she made me at least 10-15% more efficient.  The 1200 meters took me about 4:28 and didnt wreck me so i was feeling pretty good about my chances.  Got 32 reps.  Very happy with the score. Good for 5th,  Leaving me at 5th for the day.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Rest Day - Travel Day

Up early to get a full days worth of work done before I leave at noon.   Not really possible but I jammed as much in as I could.   I did have 6 hours on the plane to read email as well.  It was great to travel with the family to SF!   Its really nice to have them here in my home away from home.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Final Prep WOD

4x500m row - No way could I go all out in everyone of these before the comp.  I am still trying to get well rested before the event.  Went about 95% in the first round and then at about 75-80 in the rounds after.  I was suppose to rest 3 minutes but I was over in some rounds and under in others.

Round 1 - 1:30
Round 2 - 2:04
Round 3 - 1:50
Round 4 - 1:42

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Practice WOD 1 for Norcal Masters

I went off script today as they have released the first WOD for the Norcal Masters.  Its a good one as well as it combines strength and metcon ability with strategy.


5 min EMOM
At the top of each minute for five minutes you will attempt:

Burpee over barbell ( must do at least one) and one snatch—one attempt per minute only for the Snatch

-Your snatch attempt can be a power, muscle or full squat.  You must show complete control and once again, you will only get one attempt each minute.  You will have as many Burpee over Barbell attempts as you would like.  You must start with your Burpee over Barbell and once you attempt your Snatch you cannot return to the  Burpee over Barbell.

Rest one minute while changing weights

5 min EMOM

At the top of each minute for five minutes you will attempt:
Toes to Bar (must do at least one) and  one Clean attempt-one attempt per minute only for the Clean

-Your Clean attempt can be a power, muscle or full squat.  You must show complete control and once again, you will only get one attempt each minute.  You will have as many Toes to Bar attempts as you would like.  You must start with Toes to Bar and once you attempt your Clean you cannot return to the  Toes to Bar.

You will be allowed to preload your bar.

So after a warm up I did burpees and then practiced with 95. 115, 135 and then did the 5 minutes @155.   No problem with the lift.  Burpees it was about going hard but not killing yourself.  I had hoped to do 10 but couldnt maintain that pace.  8 is about right. I was between 6-10

During the minute break I added 50 pounds and then did 20 reps of T2B.   No way can I maintain that pace.  Grip was giving up and I was pretty worn down from the burpees.   Did 10 reps per round and handled the 205lbs no problem.  Probably should go to 215 on cleans.  Maybe 160 on snatch.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

20 minute ERG

20min row for distance

The 20 minute row went by quickly. Tried to be smooth and consistent on the rower. Turned the screen to watch my rowing power curve and tried to generate a nice clean arc every time.

5k in 20 minutes

Monday, January 14, 2013

Rest Day

Didnt feel well rested today.  Not sore but the fatigued.  

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Row & Clean and Press

My quads and hamstrings are sore today and I am walking around like the tin man.  I opted for an extra hour of sleep versus going in early to do the wod.  After trying to find someone to go head to head with and coming up short I decided to go in after the Open Gym hours.  Just a few people in the gym for private 1x1 training.  

row 1k
20 PC@75
20 PP@75

I was thinking that sub 20 was possible and I think that even at the rate I was working I would have been close if wasnt fumbling around in the second 1round setting the erg to count down from 1k.

Round 1 - 6:21 - 1k 3:40
Round 2 - 7:46    1k - 3:51
Round 3 - 7:05  1k - 3:45

Total time - 21:12

The challenge wasnt my grip but my lower back.  It was really tight coming off the rower.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Local Visit & Double

Went over to Crossfit Florian to see a few friends that I havent trained with in a long while.  I was very tempted to do the WOD they had programmed for their Competitor class.  It looked absolutely brutal as it was a FGB variation  - 3 rounds of 1 min T2B, HangPowerClean(@135lbs), Deadlifts(@225lbs) Burpee bar jumps, Wall Ball with 30lb ball and then 1 minute rest.  I had a girl goat plus WOD 4 from last years open.

Diane - 21-15-9

Deadlifts @225
Handstand Pushups

Finished the first round in around 2 minutes. The second round took me around 3+ minutes.

Total time - 9:28   I was hoping for closer to 8 especially after how good I felt on the first 12 HSPUs. Had 3 failed reps.  Should have stopped short but I was really getting greedy.   Took close to 2 minutes off my time from October.  

15 minute break.

2012 Open WOD #4

12min AMRAP
150 WB's
90 DU's
30 MU's

I really took a measured pace on the wall balls. I went 30 and then sets of 12, 10 or 8.   Last year I had done a 7:49 to complete the Wall Balls, this time it was 9 Minutes.  Double Unders went much better but I still only had 45 seconds for Muscle Ups.  Got 3 straight and then got 1 more but failed on my 5th attempt.   So just one rep less than the Opens.  Not bad considering I went to failure countless time on handstands so I had to really use my hips to get that wall ball to 10 ft.

244 REPs

Friday, January 11, 2013

Red Eye Rest Day


The red eye flights are great as they save me from losing a day of meetings but they arent really good at promoting recovery. Even if I sleep the whole flight the best Im doing is about 4 and 1/2 hrs.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lalanne Day 2

Back at Lalanne for the 6am class.  I really like the programming and coaching at Lalanne.  All of the coaches are top drawer.  Every time I come to class they give me some great tips and cues.  I am so thankful they are willing to invest in me even as a drop in athlete.


Short warm up and some good technical tips. I never realized that I was rolling one of my wrists back.   Probably went lighter than I should have but I never bench and I jumped in with a guy that maxed out at 165.

Run 1 mile,
50 Double Unders
50 Push Ups
50 Double Unders
Row 2k    

I was really looking forward to this one!   They made several mods from what they had originally posted the pushups had gone to a 155lb bench and then back and the row was originally another run. 
First run split was 6:20 and then the row was 8:12.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Training at Lalanne

This didnt look to bad on paper but in reality it was pretty damn hard.

Deadlift 5x3
Warm up - 135, 225, 275, 315. 345

345, 345, 345, 345, 345


10 Deadlifts (275)
10 Burpees


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Rest Day

No time to WOD as my first meeting of the day started at 7am and I was in the office by 6:15. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Not quite ready for full re-entry

I was still dragging today even after a good nights sleep.  I looked at the WODs that they did at Crossfit 2A and wondered if I should do one of those as they looked brutal.   The smart decision was to follow the programing I have been given.  It was skill more than anything and it was all I could handle.

It started with Hang Squat Snatches and the key focus was to make sure that I didnt lean forward when I dipped and drove.   So I have this firm in my mind and Jarrod walks over after the first set and tells me that I need to stay back on my heels and not lean my chest forward.  I dont know where the block is but even when I know in my mind I am not suppose to lean forward I cant seem to stop myself.   Need to figure out the right que or technique to eliminate this flaw - ASAP.

Not a great session by any standards. More frustrating than anything else.  I least the OHS went ok.

A) hang squat snatch 5-5-5

95, 115, 125 (2)  Failed on 3, came back and did reps 4 & 5
B) snatch bal 3-3-3
95, 115, 125(2) F1!, not great depth but did 125(3)
C) OHS 1-1-1
125, 145, 165, 175

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rest Day - Travel Day

Up early to head back to Boston and then spent the rest of the day writing performance reviews.  Not a very fun Sunday.  I was really dragging all day long.  I have been more tired than normal Im not sure if it is the cumulative affects of the multiple two a days I did over the holiday or something else.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 2 of sim comp

This was a complete shit show.  I had intended to do the 2nd day of the simulation on Sunday as my neck was bothering me but when I woke up I got the following message from my coach,  "I say try to get the workouts in today if you can cause that's what its going to be like on comp weekend. It's not so much your scores on the workouts I'm interested in most. Obviously that matters but how you recover and how you feel going into the last one of the weekend is a big thing." 
Well by the time I got that I no longer had the option of going to the Crossfit box early.  The box had two classes and I knew it was going to be a "Saturday Morning beatdown"   Options were even more limited as it was raining out.   I got there in the middle of a class with about 20 athletes doing a WOD with 7 different movements.   As you could imagine it was going to impossible to navigate my way through that to do my own thing.    My best chance was to try to get the 2nd WOD in during the classes warm-up.

WOD #5
30 MU's for time - 12min cap '

The rings were set up to low for me to have a good kip with out my feet touching at the bottom.  It started out well as I was doing sets of 2 and had 6 done in abut 45 seconds.  It slowed down from there with both some misses but also people in the first class putting equipment away and then the second class lining up in front of me to get their PVC pipes.  The clock seemed to go in hyper drive when that was happening but I tried not to get to stressed as it wasnt going to help.   Missed the cut-off as I only got 21 in 12 minutes.   I will attribute it to having buried myself yesterday as well as the constant stopping and distraction of the class.   I considered trying to get the Clean and Jerk in but the next class was bigger and the coaches were making most of the men set up outside even though it was still sprinkling.   Decided to cut my losses and head back to Hillsboro Club and get the ERG workout in.

WOD #6
1000m row X 3
5 minute rest between

I felt good in the first 1000m row for the first 200meters and then it go really hard. 

Rep 1 - 3:31/1:45.5 pace/33 damper on 5
Rep 2 - 3:45/1:52.9 pace/32 damper on 4
Rep 3 - 3:49/1:54.8 pace/ 27 damper on 7

Total 11:06/3000m/ 1:51 / 30 strks/min

Wont be able to get a max clean and jerk in unless I want to use a curling bar and Im a little concerned with going that route. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Hot and Difficult @The Sandbox - Crossfit Hardcore

 Coach John has a Comp Simulation planned for me this weekend but this trip to Florida to connect with Susie and the boys put a a big monkey wrench in it.    On the off hand that the coaches at the Sandbox even remember who I am I sent them an email explaining the situation and asking if they could help me out.  Much to my surprise they remembered Susie and I.  I think it was pretty much because of Susie but that was ok by me.  They said come on in and we will figure it out.   A big Thank You to Gabby and Lori the coaches at the Sandbox!

I was super excited to set up outside after freezing my behind off for the last few weeks.   This outside set up soon  became more of a challenge than I expected.  First off it was 80 degrees and I was practically melting.  Not to mention that large bright object was burning my retina's out.  Put the sun glasses on and got after while the class was doing Max dead-lifts.

15 thrusters @135
30 KBS @70
45 BJ 24"
30 KBS
15 thrusters @135

The thrusters were the thing that was going to take the stuffing out of me. I hit this one knowing that I should probably break up all the movements so as not to redline myself right out of the gate. 

Round 1 - 10- 5 Thruster, 20-10 KB, Box jumps slow...., 20-7,3 KBS,  Thruster - 10-3-2
Total time - 12:28

Right after this was done I scrambled to get my next bar and weights set up so I wouldnt be in the way when the class wod started their wod.  I had about 15 minutes of rest and warmup before I hit the next wod.

I got this one totally wrong in terms of what would be hard.   I was expecting the Jerks to be difficult but it was the deadlift.  The deadlift totally wrecked me and left me very spent so I needed to compose myself before even starting the Jerks.
5 deadlifts @315
5 jerks @155 - bar is taken from the floor

8:30 -
When I was done I felt like I had been run over by a truck. Look at the photo, I look dead.

 My neck has been bothering me for the last 3-4 days and it immediately tightened up.  I was dragging even after lunch.  About 3pm I knew that If I wanted to get the last wod in I had to do it now.

My equipment wasnt perfect.  Had to use a smith rack for toes to bar  and a curling bar for my bar for power snatches as I had to do the last wod from the Hillsboro Club gym. Good news was I had the place to myself and it was out of the sun.   Bad news very difficult to kip cause the bar wasnt high enough. 

5 burpees
10 PC's @75
15 T2B

4 rounds plus 21 reps.  Toes 2 bar took me the longest.

Man these 3 wods have taken a bigger toll than I expected.   Im trying to decide whether Im better off rest tomorrow or just dragging through tomorrows wods.   I am so tired.  Worried that the soreness will make it worse.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Short but not Sweet

Susie and the boys are off to Florida for a few days so I was happy that today's WOD wouldn't take that much time.  

15min AMRAP
15 KBS
15 Burpees
30 DU's

I am still feeling a bit beat up from the last weeks double wods that I have been doing so I opted to swing the 53lb KB.

6 rounds plus 1 rep.  Definitely picked the pace up after the first round and a half.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013+ with the ERG

The day started like any other day with an early trip to the gym.   Since Im still working through DOMs I decided that I would be better off doing Thursdays WOD even though it was going to brutal.  

Row 2k
rest 5 minutes
Row 2k

Simple but very difficult.  The 2k has never been my event.  I would like to be able to break the 7 minute barrier but at this point I have not done it.   I was satisfied with both rounds of the 2k.   The 7:20 was only 8 seconds off my PB and I went hard but didnt completely wreck myself.  The 2nd round I just didnt have a lot left to give. 

I stayed on to do the 9am class since Sean and Ronda Rocket dropped in today as Craic to check it out.   It was great to train with them as they were original members of CFNE when it first started in Dedham years ago.   It was just like the old days. 

Glen had us do a 2k meter warm up with a partner alternating every 100meters.   This was good because the short distance kept the pace high.  I was partnered with Suzzara and she was great to not give me a hard time if I went over the 100meter mark.   Even with all of the changes we still rowed a sub 7.  

In the partner WOD I was set up with Sean Rocket and Steve Mammone.  Man that Mammone can generate some serious wattage on the rower.   We all hit a good pace that we were able to maintain for the full time.

In teams of 3:

30min AMRAP
1 person working at a time, switch every 10 cals/reps
30 cal row
30 pushups
30 swings 70/44

10 Rounds plus 72 reps.  We were only 18 reps short of finishing 11 rounds.

I got some serious time on the rower today getting at a minimum 5k meters.