Thursday, July 12, 2012

Another Crossfit box - The Playground

Down in Fort Lauderdale for a meeting presented me to visit another box.   This one is called the Playground and is co-owned by Steve Bowser who runs Crossfit Affliction.  Lucked out as they have just added a 6am class this week otherwise I would have been stuck in the hotel gym. Even luckier was that Chris King came down early with his family so he had a rental car so we didnt have to deal with cabs which always makes the trip more complicated.

 The WOD was 5 rounds - 3 minutes to run 400meters and then do Max Rep Wall Balls. rest 3 minutes

I was really happy with my run times considering my foot was bothering me.


  Run Wall Balls
Round 1 1:34 34
Round 2 1:31 26
Round 3 1:34 27
Round 4 1:39 23
Round 5 1:31 24
  Totals 134 

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