Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hike and deload week

Got up early to another perfect weather day.   Marty and Lisa McDonough are here for the wedding tonight so I was able to drag Marty out for a hike.  Its been 15 year since Marty was here last and I wanted to give him a sense of the beauty of the place.    We had a nice pace and hit Parkman, Gilmore, Sargent and then Bald.   Here are a few shots of the day.


 A) Front Squat 3x3 - 235
 B1) Strict Pullups - AMRAP -2 x 3 - rest 10sec 
Still trying to figure the right rep scheme.  I know failure but I dont really know -2 from failure
Rd 1 - 10
Rd 2 - 6
Rd 3 - 6 
B2) Strict Dips - AMRAP -2 x 3 - rest 2 mins 
Rd 1 - 13
Rd 2 - 9
Rd 3 - 9

C) Toes to Bar 10......1 UB - strict 

Strict for me is tough as I immediately try to kip.   Really slowed it down to make sure strict.


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