Tuesday, July 17, 2012

No answers for now

Now that Crossfit Gotham no longer has a midtown gym I am completely screwed!  Can you say totally screwed.  This gym was less than a block from the hotel I always try to stay at when I am in NY.   The topper is that Coach  Michael Pommering took extra care of me and would challenge me and give me tips and things to work on.   Im totally bummed.   So sad :(

As I looked at todays programming from my coach I wondered where the hell can I go to do this work?   I looked at all the crossfit gyms, sent some emails out trying to figure out if there was anywhere where I could do my own thing early in the morning.  I mean look at the wod:

A) SN DL @3110 -2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 rest 3mins 
B) BB Good Mornings - 8-10 x 3 - rest 2mins 

5 RFT 
5 DL@315lbs
3 rope climbs 
5 Ring dips 

I was so excited to do this one but came up short on how to pull it off while on the road aside from packing my own rope and rings and finding a tree in central park to hang them on.  Ughhh

Made do and got the strength work in at the hotel gym which did have free weights which is shocking I know.
1 135
3- 195,
4- 205
5- 225
6- 235
7 - 255
8- 275
This was tough, using a hook grip and having sweaty hands and knowing you cant drop the weight is a lot of pressure.   I find this as much a workout on my hands as it is on my posterior chain.
On the way back to Maine I had to stop and change planes in Boston and I contemplated changing my flight just so i could go to Craic and do this wod.   Im craving for a wod!  I mean anything other than just intervals.  I would even do box jumps at this point.
Back at it on things I suck at tomorrow.

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