Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Skill and Touch and Go....

Cool Cloudy Day equals slow day.   I managed to get the new router and extender set up so hopefully no more crashing internet.   Skill work today.  I should have been more motivated but I dont have a rope to practice rope climbs so it was down to double unders and turkish get-ups.   They went ok.  

I was looking forward to the WOD.   Short but very fast.   Warmed up at 135, 155, 165 and then decided on 185 a a weight I could keep moving.  Im feeling more comfortable at the weight.   The run is of course an approximation.  The course is slow as the driveway is gravel and very windy.

3 Rounds
2 Touch and Go cleans (185lbs)
100m run
rest 2:30

Break 10 minutes and Repeat

1.1 - 31 seconds
1.2 - 30 seconds
1.3 - 30 seconds

2.1 - 34 seconds -missed the first clean
2.2 - 30 seconds
2.3 - 30 seconds

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