Friday, August 31, 2012

Red Eye and Rest

Another Thursday night red eye from SFO.  Two trips in a row where I did nt sleep well.  Fell asleep right away but then woke up around 1-2 hours later and couldnt get back to sleep.    Tough day really tired by the afternoon.  Did manage to get a 10 minute nap in around 4pm.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


I was really debating whether to do wait and do the 1 rep max lifts on Friday, go to the YMCA here in SF and do the best I can or try and talk my way into being able to do it at one of the local Crossfit Gyms here.   Decided that doing the lifts after landing off a red eye was just stupid.  Additionally it would screw up my weekend training if I pushed it off as well.  Sent a message to a buddy at one of the crossfit boxes but didnt hear back so decided to do as best I could at the Y.   I mean work is work even if its not the best 1 rep max you can do.  I made the assumption I would get some benefit whether that be tuning the form or strength.

1 rep max OHS.

3@135lbs-  Cant believe how good this weight felt. 
1@175lbs smooth and comfortable
1@205lbs no problem
1@215lbs yee haw! Stopping here as I cant drop the weights and Im more concerned about not being able to bale if I have a problem. Very happy with these.

Snatch Balance (suppose to be 1 rep max)

1@135  Form started to go. So I stopped here.  Couldnt push thru as noted above

Hang Squat Snatch (was suppose to be 1 rep max)


These all felt comfortable.  Ran out of time.   But pretty satisfied with the effort and how I felt regardless of whether they were not the original plan.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Running Intervals in SF

Real simple workout today, run fast, rest and run fast again. The actual wod had a little more detail to it but not much.
2min Sprint @100%
rest 8min
rest 12

I was also suppose to do 20 minutes of skill work. I will try to get that in tonight. As you can see from the stats below I ended up changing the rest interval from 8 minutes to 4 minutes. It didnt make any difference in my speed and distance all of the runs were between .31 and .33. Also didnt do the longer rest in the middle section. Coach John weigh in if you think this was a big mistake.

Here is the HR stats from the same workout.

Rest Day

Landing in SF
Not super restful.   Drove down to Connecticut for a client meeting and back.  Then back home to pack and then to Logan for a flight to SF.  Im not sure anyone would plan that as a set of rest day activities.

Monday, August 27, 2012


Today was suppose to be a rest day but after reviewing my schedule for tomorrow I realized there was no way I was going to be able to squeeze a workout in.  I leave bright and early for a meeting in Bristol Ct and then in the afternoon I fly to SF and in between I have a bunch of meetings.  Made the call after my last conf call at 8pm to hit the gym.  I was wavering between looking forward to the workout to being absolutely terrified.   Mostly of the the 10min AMRAP.  Burpees and wall balls are just killer.  But first some Deadlifts which I enjoy.

A) SDL 2-2-2-2-2
So I might have screwed this up. I ended up doing Snatch grip DL standing on 45lb plates. it was plenty hard.
Warm up 10@135lb and 5@225

The last two were not touch and go. I dropped the weight on the way down on the first rep and two plates fell off. So it took me a few seconds to put back together.

 As I said I was excited to do a regular wod and even better I convinced Super "Power" to join me so I would have someone to try to keep up with! 
10min AMRAP
10 WB
10 PLU

I was really happy how I felt in the first round on this one as it took me  less than a minute.  The wall balls felt easy which is a first.   I felt pretty strong which has not been the norm.   I felt like my wb's and pullups were good, the burpees were slow but I just kept moving. 

6 Rounds plus 1 rep.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pain Cave

When I read this workout I knew it was going to hurt but I at least thought that 6 minutes would give me plenty of time to recover.  In fact over the last month i cut some of the rest breaks down because of time constraints so I was doubly confident.   That was all out the window in round 2.   Round 1 went very well considering I was not feeling well at in church this morning.   Really tired, slight headache and nauseous so i was strongly considering going home and straight to bed.

30s Thrusters @115lbs
30s T2B
1min Sprint AD-cals, ROW-cals, Run -dist
rest 6mins

Big first round, second round big drop off, 3rd round better.   By this time Coach John was done his wod so I asked him whether i should continue on past 4 if my score was down.  At first he said if score drops off your finished,   That said after I finished that round he said do the next round.  I was really hopping to be done but after lying on the floor for a good 4 + minutes I just got up took a deep breadth and thought - "just do the best that you can and feel strong and you will be strong" .  I think it worked as I was able to match my 4th round.  It was especially helpful to have John telling me to breath faster,   That made it much easier.

Heart Rate Data topped out at 182bpm in the 3rd round.  Last 2 rounds I think I was too beat down to put the energy in to get it to pop. 

Thrusters T2B AD
Round 1 15 15 28
Round 2 13 16 15
Round 3 12 15 17
Round 4 11 11 20
Round 5 11 11 20
Total 62 68 100

Progress in Part

As I look at the results from all of  this shoulder work that I have been doing is discouraging.  When you look at my Strict Press I really havent even moved the needle, but when I look more broadly about going over head I can be a lot more optimistic.     I am a lot more comfortable with all of my overhead techniques.   

I had to get to the gym extra early again today to get my work in as its day 2 of the competition simulation for the Craic Competitors.

A) BNSP (behind neck SP) 2-2-2-2-2 - 2min rest

Warmup 5@95lbs
2@145 very hard 2nd rep

B) PSN 2-2-2-2-2 - 2:30 rest
warm up 10@45/ 5@75lbs

C) PP - 3x3 @same weight - Heavy

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Part 2 - Easy pace on the bike

It always fun to be on the bike.  Decided to do the opposite of what most people do and instead of going out to the quiet rural roads I headed into the city.  I really miss living in Backbay and running on the esplanade.  There is always someone to try to catch and lots of interesting people to watch.   I picked a route that keep me out of the high traffic area and wound thru Brookline.  Got an hour and forty-five minutes in.

Pause Back Squats and Muscle Ups

Had to get up extra early because the competition team is doing a comp simulation with 6 WODS over the next two days.   Got to bed early but slept poorly again!  Not sure what the deal is. At least I was looking forward to todays workouts.

A) BS 2-2-2-2-2 (3s pause at the bottom) - rest 3mins
Warm-up 135, 185

B) 10 MU's for time - rest 2mins x 4

I was a bit worried about this due to my fail on monday but I am not nearly as sore.

Rd 1 - 7and 3 1:11

Rd 2  -  55 seconds
Rd 3 - horrible got 4 and then failed on my next 4 finally got it together 2 at a time 5:40
Rd 4  4, 4, 2 1:37  much better

C1) GHD 3x15 - rest 10sec
C2) BK EXT 3x15 - rest 10sec

Friday, August 24, 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Failure & Redemption

Once again pressed for time as I started this workout.  I was hoping that my shoulder had recovered from the pullups and then muscle ups but quickly found out that Im not.

A) HSQSN 4-4-4-4 - rest 3mins
4@75lbs Warmup
Ok so that wasnt happening.

B) SNBAL 2-2-2-2-2 - rest 3mins
Was hoping this would go better.

Not good at all.

20 reps for time
HSQSN @95 vs 135 which was RXd
I warmed up at 115  as I knew that 135 was going to be too much.   After I failed twice in a row at 115 I dropped to 95 and just tried to keep moving.  By this time I was so discouraged I didnt I didnt even bother to time the wod.  Couldnt wait to get out of the gym.  I shouldnt be that surprised given the lack of sleep and poor eating.

Came back to try and redeem myself by doing the interval wod I missed yesterday.  Shocking I know but I was pressed for time.   So what do I do when I am pressed for time?  Reduce the rest periods,
I was suppose to do 6 Minute rests and then a 10 min break between the sets.  Chopped that in half

90s sprint @100% on Airdyne
rest 3mins
rest 6mins

1. 54cals
2. 41 cals
3.  Messed up, only started timing at 1min to go 21 cal
4. 43
5. 35
6. 38
The first round I went out way to fast and completely blew up.   Here is the HR

Not hugely satisfied with how I felt or did.  Didnt feel like i was full of energy or power.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Got in late on tuesday night after doing an up and back to Charlotte.   Wednesday work schedule was looking very ugly starting at 8am and ending at 9:30.  As much as I wanted to hit the gym early Wednesday I made the tradeoff to get more rest.   I dont consider that being lazy but trying to be smart about recovery.  

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nothing in the tank

A) SDL 4-4-4-4-4 - rest 3min

Sumo Deadlift standing on 45lbs plates

3@325 failed on 4th - lost grip

Muscle up
HSQCLN @155 

Im still really sore from all the pull-ups.  I thought I would be able to grind through this one but it wasn't happening.  2 muscle ups and then I was toast. Even the hang squat clean seemed very heavy.  Didnt have it so didnt even time it.   All muscle-ups were attempted.  Complete cluster.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Rest Day

Im a bit sore from yesterday's high volume WOD.  Shoulders, back and arms.  Tomorrow's Muscle-Ups should be fun.   Had to drive back to Dedham so not a true recovery day.  Didnt eat well and was hung over from a fun night at the Mahaney's last night.  Not a great way to start the week.

Got Peaches?

Drive home

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Overhead and high Reps

A) Bench @32x1 3-3-3-3-3-3 - rest 3min
B) HPSN 2-2-2-2-2 - rest 2min
C) Build to a heavy 1 Push Jerk - NOT A 1RM

First time on the bench with a regular grip but still punishing with a 3 second descent and then no bounce off the chest with a 2 second hold.  A whole new punishment.   Finally figured out a better bench than using a box jump box.   Grabbed one of the benches off the back patio.  A little flimsy but ok. 


150 - Fail, Make, Fail, Fail, Make  - I think this is good for me from a hang position.  Didnt get the 2 consecutively but I was determined to get it!

Heavy Push Jerk
0@215 Failed
These all felt really good.  Strict push jerk,  no split.   I was doing this in the gravel driveway standing on a piece of rubber flooring so I was definitely losing some sprint.  I believe I can get to 225 which would be a new Jerk max.  Left it alone though as it was not a 1 rep max

30s Pullups
30s Box jumps @24
30s Burpees
rest 4mins
rest 10

Although I was damn tired when I started this wod I was really excited to do something that resembled a metcon workout!  I didnt bring my gloves to Maine and this is one that would have been a candidate for them.

  Pullups Box Jumps Burpees
Round 1 21 11 8
Round 2 22 14 9
Round 3 21 14 9
Round 4 23 15 9
Round 5 17 16 8
Round 6 18 15 9
Total 122 85 52

The WOD went well but my hand started to tear in round 4.  I tried a quick tape job in round 5 but it didnt hold as I didnt have the time to do it properly.  I even ran around the house looking for a pair of dish gloves so I could keep up my pace.  Felt good on the pullups.  98+% butterflys until the last 2 rounds when I was trying to protect my hand.  Only had a small tear in the palm.

Box Jumps improved when I started to rebound and open up on top.   Burpees just couldnt go much faster.  Did this in the driveway again on top of the rubber tiles.  Not optimal for either box jumps or burpees.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

3 seconds is a long time


A) BS 4-4-4-4-4 (3s pause at the bottom of each rep)
B) 3 x max effort muscle ups - rest as needed between sets
C) T2B @31x1 5x10 - rest 2min
D) DB ext rot 8-10 x 3 - rest 1 min between arms

Still tired today.   I was in bed by 8:30 last night and slept till 9am, you would have thought that I would be recovered.   Just as I was about to hit the workout above Kevin Maheny brought his kids over so that they could do a wod.  It was fun to see them get after it.

BS  3 Second pause at bottom

3 Max Muscle Ups - 3min rest
round 1  = 9 reps
round 2 = 8 reps
round 3 = 7 reps

T2B with 3 sec descent
This went horrible.  No way could I go down that slow.

round 1 - 7 reps then fail
round 2 - 5 reps then fail
round 3 - 5 rounds then fail
round 4  - 4 rounds then fail
round 5 - 5 rounds then fail

DB eternal rotations as programmed.

This was a tough work out and i was feeling pretty spent after it.  Never recovered enough to do a second wod today.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Really Tired!

Took the red eye back and then got on a flight to Bar Harbor.  On the ground by 10am and had already done 2 phone calls and a few hours of emails.  Usually Im ready to roll after a red-eye but not today.  I was pretty much a zombie all day long.   At lunch with my wife and her sister it was all I could do to not drool on myself.   We had a great dinner cruise - perfect evening.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Improvement along the way.

No access to free weights  and pressed for time given 7am meeting today, so had to go off programming script.  Picked something from the wods John sent me that I would never pick on my own,



First round was terrible.  Rotator cuff was screaming on first few reps.  Once it got more warmed up then things go better.  

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pistols and Intervals

In SF so limited on what I can do but the good news is that programming is on my side.  20 minutes of skill drills so I did Pistols and then one legged box jumps.  Those are much harder than I expected. 

After that it was time for more intervals.

1min sprint@100% - Run
rest 5mins 
rest 10 

I had picked up a new GPS watch that had a good interval timer so that I could do these workouts easily and have some metrics. I was very happy with my consistency.  What is really sad is that I cant even do what world class marathoners do for 26 miles for 1 minute.   Its all downhill as we get older.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Deadlift & 8 Combo

Made the drive down from Maine last night since I could nt get a flight.   Quick drive as I was completely occupied with calls I needed to make.

A) SDL 6-6-6-6-6 - rest 3min
AMRAP 8min

Snatch Deadlift - Warmup 6@135lbs

The hardest part was the grip.   I just couldnt hold the weight very well. Had to break up the sets in the last few to 3 and 3. Versus touch and go.   Felt that as much in my traps as I did in my glutes.

The AMRAP was a disaster.  Set up to go and did the deadlifts no problem.  Could get the bar past my chest on the hang snatches.  Definitely felt taxed.  Quickly took off the 10's and went to 95lbs.  Still struggled.   Had to break between movements.  Just feeling spent. Dont know if it was last few nights of bad sleep or the drive down or not eating properly yesterday.

AMRAP 8min

4 rounds.   

Monday, August 13, 2012

Rest and Drive

The drive back from Maine went really well.  Lots of call kept me from being bored out of my mind.  Here are a few photos I snapped. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

WOD #2 Intervals

Good workout this morning.  Pushed myself hard on all of the lifts.  This afternoon just feeling a little tired.   Would have liked to taken a nap but I had this 2nd wod to get in.

30s THR (thrusters) @105lbs
30s sprint
rest 5mins
rest 10

  Thrusters Row
Round 1 13 8
Round 2 16 11
Round 3 15 10

Round 4 15 10
Round 5 14 9
Round 6 14 10

For some reason my first round has generally been my first round in every one of these interval type wods.   I wonder if I am too cautious until I can feel what kind of pace that I can handle.  I was really hurting by the end of the 2nd round.   When i finished I just wanted to lie on the floor but I made myself get up and walk out to the end of the drive and back.

Press, Pull and Press

Strength Day:

A)  SP @41x1 - 5-5-5-5-5 - rest 2min between sets
B) SNHP (Snatch High Pull) 2-2-2-2-2 - rest 2min between sets
C) Death by HSPU - 1 on the first min - 2 on the sec etc (kip is ok)
D) DB ext rot - 8-10 x 3 - rest 1 min between arms

Had the change the seated DB press to a strict press since I am in Maine and dont have easy access to DB. The punishment in this isnt BB vs DB its the 4 second slow movement down. Man that is tiring.

WU 10@45
4@110 failed on last rep
5@112 felt better on this round but it was very hard

Hang Snatch Pulls
Very heavy from a hang postion. Trying to keep the bar close and moving vertical not horizontal.

Minute 1 thru 6 all strict - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Minute 7 got 4 all kipping

Workout #2 in a few hours.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Weather Change - Fog Drive

After a July that might have had the best weather in Maine in my lifetime we drove back up in a light mist and then fog as we got on the island.   Here are a few shots to show you the contrast.

Back in the Craic House

A) BS 6-6-6-6-6 (3 sec pause at bottom)
B) weighted Muscle-Ups 3-3-3-3-3
C) Abs - your choice
Not much work above so that tells you that the Squats need to be HEAVY AS YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE - you should be praying for the session to end.

Back Squat 
Warm Up @135

Weighted MU's
3 Warm up
Failed @20 twice
1@15 2 failed

ABS weighted GHD

15 reps @ 15lbs
15 reps @ 25lbs
15 reps @35lbs

Weighted Double Unders 3x25

Friday, August 10, 2012

Rest Day - Travel Day

 Last day in Hawaii at the Mauna Kea.   Its been a great 4 days and the presentation went well which made it even better.  We had a very bold goal for FY14 and Marc said if we got it he would give us 100k each.  Trust me when I said we were already motivated.  This just dialed it up.

Long day of travel - left the hotel at 6:30pm for an 8:30 flight.   We arrived at LAX at 4:45am.   Chilled out in the United Lounge till the 8:30am flight.  Ended up with a slight delay because of weather in Boston. Arrived in Boston around 6:30pm.  Home by 7:30pm

Quick Swim before heading to air
Sunrise at LAX

Sunset on the way to airport

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dumbell Workout

Dumbells work on DB snatches + DB squat Cleans
Single Arm Hang Snatches

Squat Cleans5@40lbs5@45lbs5@50lbs5@50lbs5@50lbs
7 Minute AMRAP7 Thrusters 2 40lbs dumbbells7 Burpees5 Rounds plus 3 reps

Running Intervals

Pretty Straight forward. Did some mobility in gym and then ran out to a relatively flat quiet set of road and then did the usual intervals. Modified it slightly since my watch didnt have a lap split on it.

Sprint 40s - rest 2:20 actively
rest 5 versus 10

Felt pretty good. Hamstring game me no problems.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Visit to Crossfit Waimea

Crossfit Waimea @Tropical Dreams Ice Cream
Up early and made the trek the Crossfit Waimea.  Its crazy that it is in an Ice Cream factory. 

Very friendly people and small class.

400m run
30 Swings @35lbs
20 Pushups
20 Squats
120 Bicycles


Close grip Bench

3 Rounds
20 Power Cleans
40 Swings @53lbs
400m Runs
15 Pullups
20 V-Ups
25 minute cap
I was so close to finishing that I did the 2 extra pullups and 20 V-Ups to finish in 26 minutes

Monday, August 6, 2012

Active Rest Day

Woke up at 2:30am and couldn't get back to sleep.   Spent time sorting through emails.  Got out of bed and went down to the gym   Lots of mobility work.

Skill Work -20 minutes of practice Double Unders - started down flight simulator and got stuck on 50.   

Some Hand Stand walk practice as well.

Long Day in the Air

Up and out of the house by 6:30am, sadly not to workout but to head to the airport.  I really dread traveling on Sundays.   Sundays are family time and I hate to give it up.

Flight plan - 8am Boston to Denver then Denver to Kona.  Landed at 3pm and then had another 30 minute drive to get to the Mauna Kea beach Hotel.   I was cranky and tired and was not a gracious visitor.   Need to work on that.

50 strict HSPU for time

9, 2, 2, 5, 3, 4 = 25 in 4 minutes
2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 2, 1, 2, 2, 3 = total  time = 12:30 ouch.  
Sprint 30s - rest 2:30 actively
rest 5

Just realized that I was suppose to do 40sec not 30 seconds.  Ran on a dirt road and was able to gauge whether my efforts were the same by running between to bridges.  Uneven and a bit of a hill made it slightly more challenging.   Felt a tweek in my left hamstring and ended a few seconds early in my last round.  This was the same place that bothered me when I was doing burpees and 100's a few weeks ago.   I felt better after the wod then when I got off the plane!

Dinner wth Dean and Mary

Saturday, August 4, 2012

3 Seconds in the Hole

When I got the gym this morning it was like a sauna. The thermometer read 88degrees so I knew warming up wasnt going to be hard. I was a little concerned about the tweek in my back. On Thursday while standing in line at security checkpoint I turned and the right side mid back seized up and took the wind out of me. Got a light massage @xpresspa before i boarded the plane.

When I read this strength portion of this I was like no problem. That is until I saw 3 second hold. 3 Seconds is like an eternity.

A) Back Squat (3 sec hold at the bottom of each rep)
 Warmup 8@135
The last reps were very hard on the last 3 sets
My back was fine but my shoulder-neck ended up getting tweeked. Ugh Nothing to stop me but did cause some concern

B) Muscle-Ups - 4 unbroken on the min until failure
Decided not to do any warm up MU's just hit the timer and go

0-1min 4
1-2min 4
2-3 min 4
3-4 min 4
4-5 min 4
5-6 min got 2 and failed on 3rd attempt. 22 in 5:15. Could I have done 8 more in 1:30? who knows
What it does tell me is that sets of 4 is too many when going for 30 for time.

C) Abs - your choice
Ball Toss

Friday, August 3, 2012

Red Eye Rest Day

Landed shortly after 6am after coming in on the red eye.  I had fallen asleep immediately but then woke up from 12-2 before falling asleep again.  Felt decent all day but very tired tonight.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Travel WOD

The good part of switching things around was ending up with a workout that could be done anywhere.  I knew that intervals were on the schedule but since I forgot my watch I knew it would be either AD or Rower.  The Embarcadero YMCA didnt have an AD so it was rowing.  I would come to discover that the AD is way harder than running or rowing.

20 minutes of skill work

Tried to 2 for wall balls

Then did 5X5 L pullups


1set of 10 both legs
1 set of 5 both legs
1 set of 5 both legs
1 set of 5
1 set of 5


Sprint 20s - rest 2mins actively
rest 10mins

Rd1 = 11 cal 42 spm
Rd2 = 11 cal 39 spm
Rd3 = 12 cal 48 spm
Rd4 = 11 cal 54 spm
5 Minute break - shortened the wait
Rd5 = 12 cal 54 spm
Rd6 = 12 cal 42 spm
Rd7 = 11 cal 42 spm
Rd8 = 12 cal 55 spm

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Strength Overhead and Fast Under

As I watched the class suffer through a really short nasty metcon I was jealous.  It would be great to just be able to just do a simple wod and follow the class.  But as Jarrod said "i saw Peter suffering through 6 weeks of what looked like hell and look at his results"  That is what I am training for.  I feel better about my OLY lifts but I dont really have many results to point to that would really give me confidence.  Still trying to break some bad habits.  Not pulling early but I am still jerking my head around.

A) OHS - 1RM
WU - 8 @95
WU - 3@135
1@195 PR
1@200 PR
1@205 PR
1@210 Fail

1@175 Failed

C) HSQSN - 1RM (hang squat snatch)

WU @95lbs
155lbs (Failed)
155lbs (Failed)
155lbs (Failed)

Here it all is on video.