Saturday, August 31, 2013


I didnt plan this weeks workouts very well at all.   I should have probably taken yesterday off but really want to do a wod to clear my head before a day at work.   I woke up this morning very tired.   I considered taking the day off but figured I would go and do an 80% day.


A1. Weighted Muscle Ups:  Didnt get very far into this before I tweeked something in my upper back under my shoulder blade.

B1,  3x3 minutes of walking lunges with 3 minute rest

Round 1 -  20 reps @135lbs
Round 2 - 18 reps @ 145lbs
Round 3 - 15 reps @ 155bs

C1 4 Rounds of

200m Run
20 wall balls


This sapped me more than it should have.   Normally I would be able to power through these and I am just fatiguing very quickly.   Not sure what the issue is.
A group of us when to Rox Diner for breakfast.  Good way to start the day on a long weekend. Even better when its spent with the Ginger Ninja.

Late in the day Tom Loring stopped by after dropping Sam at the train station.  I figured he would bag out of ride since it was late and it had been sprinkling.   Nope he was up for it and we set up the bikes and went out.  I was surprised the average speed was as slow as it was as there were big stretches were we were going 24pmph.  Great to get out with Tom.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Burpees Again

A.Weighted Pullups 3-3-3-3-3
3@20lbs, 3@26lbs, 3@31lbs, 3@35lbs, 3@44lbs

B.3 Rounds for time:
Run 400m
10 Pullups
10 Burpees

First 400 was 1:30 which I was very happy about.  Running is coming around.

Total Time - 8:13 Burpees were slow

We went to Duxbury last nigh to have dinner with Tom and his family.   Always fun to hang out with the Loring's but it was sad to think it would be the last time at the house in Duxbury.   His parents sold it and its so sad as we all have had so many great memories at the place; Wiffle ball, sailing, swimming and just generally hanging out and enjoying each others company.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Billy Goat at YMCA

Did this one at the YMCA embarcadero

Billy Goat
Row 1000m
Deadlift 185/135

3:37 1k

Total time = 10:13

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hotel WOD

5 Rounds

15 Dumbbell Hang Squat Cleans 2 @ 40lbs
10 Burpees


rd 1 - 1:47
rd 2 - 4:39   2:52
rd 3 - 7:46   3:07
rd 4 - 11:12  4:26
rd 5 - 13:57  2:45

Not sure what happened in the 4th round.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Rest Day - Travel Day

Rest day - Travel Day. Boy that was fast - Congratulations, your results are in! Your blood test was completed successfully. We have reviewed and analyzed your results to update your personalized InsideTracker. It is very interesting to see what has changed and what has improved. Surprising to see the vitamin d still down considering how much time I have spent in the sun. Really need to correct that deficit as it is having a compound effect.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Fractured Fran

Skill: Double Kettlebell Clean

Fractured Kettlebell Fran
5 rounds for time
9 KB Thrusters 44/25
9 Pullups

Time 5:17

Post Class - Mobility

Skill Practice - Kipping Hand Stand Pushups
 This is one skill that doesnt seem to be too technical but I have not taken the time to nail down. I would have been screwed if I was in the games as 30 HSPU would have taken me forever.  '

5x5 kipping.   Good work a few times I kicked up and didnt land back on the wall which would have been a no rep.  Clearly much easier than doing strict HSPUs.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Metcon double - one at 80% and one easy

Didnt really have a strong plan for what workouts I would do today.  I had got all my stuff organized to do a road ride when Susie reminded we had to pick up Tristan on the Cape.  So I changed gears and decided to get on the erg and do a steady 5k row.   I wasnt trying to PR and I wasnt just piddling along.   Steady state.   Felt good to be out in the sunshine but it did get a little toasty. 

Wod 1

5k Row - 19:34

500 Splits:

1 - 1:56.5
2 - 1:56.8
3 - 1:56.6
4 - 1:58.5
5 - 1:57.6
6 - 2:00.1
7 - 1:59.8
8 - 1:58.0
9 - 1:58.2
10 -1:52.5

The rounds were tight but I would have liked to have kept them all at 1:56. 

After the trip to the Cape and Brunch Jack and I went out for a ride on the Esplanade.  It was a perfect day all the way around.  12 mile ride at a decent pace. 

Keeping this photo as there arent going to be many days left when I am in front

The kid is Strong!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Competitors Class & Ride with Jack

First time in the competitors class.   Looking forward to training with Susie which doesnt get to
Susie practicing Handstand walks after class
happen that much because of work schedule. 

Max Barbell Complex

1 Clean
2 Front Squats
1 Jerk

I liked this better than a 1 rep max as it taxes you in a different way.

95, 135, 135, 155, 155, 175, 195, 205 missed the jerk the first time.  I was definitely getting a little lazy and not getting under the bar.

Running DT with Rest
5 rounds@155lbs
400m Run
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Cleans
6 Jerks
3min rest between rounds

I was a little concerned about how my foot would hold up in this wod but i figured it would be a good test.   If I had any problems I would drop the run portion.   It ended up being fine.  Hang Cleans gassed me the most.  Need to work on that.  Maybe a 20 rep max hang clean in my future.

round 1 - 3:40
round 2 - 3:20
round 3 - 3:50
round 4 - 3:50
round 5 - 4:14

Really ran out of gas in the last round.  

In the afternoon I got out on the bike with  Jack for a ride.   After some protesting he actually had a good time.  We road over to Jamaica Pond and back with a stop at Grass Fed for lunch.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Snatch plus Waters Warmup

A. Hang Power Snatch - work to a tough triple
95,115, 135, 145 missed third, 145 hit them all but third one I had to push to lock, back down to 135 all good

B. 7min AMRAP
7 Burpees
7 Toes to Bar

7 rounds 5 reps

Plus @135lbs
5  Deadlifts
5 Power Cleans
15 Back Squats
10 OHS

3x5 Thruster with 1min rest

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rest Day

Did my follow up test through Inside Tracker.  It will be interesting to see whether the results are any different then when i took the test in February.  Should know in the next few days.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Get the work in


A1. 7 - Hang Power Clean
A2. 7 - Push Jerk x5 - increase weight each set . Failed set if you put it down

I really liked this set. 7 Reps is just the number of reps where things start to really get hard when it is heavy enough
95, 115, 135, 155, I was running out of time so cut the reps short on the last set. Got 5@175 and 4@175

B. 7 min AMRAP 7 Deadlifts - you pick the weight . Selected 255 but actually put a 15 on one side and a 10 on the other. Jarrod fixed that for me 4 rounds in.

7 burpees 
 6 rounds 8 reps

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Just plain difficult

The WODS have been owning my ass for what seems like months and months.   It has been pretty much a downhill run since the snatch ladder.   I have put a lot of metcon work in the last few months and I dont seem to have made any progress.   I am quick to be completely gassed and its been ages since I have felt truly good in a wod.   Still I am hopeful at some point something will click in and things will improve.  

A. 10min Handstand practice
Focused on just holding a strict handstand and when that got a bit better then I went for the walk. So much work to do.

10min AMRAP
Row 200
15 T2B
5 Rounds
Row Stats - 5 rounds 3:32 1000m 1:46.3 avg

Rest 5 Minutes

10 Min AMRAP
Run 200m

4 rounds 86 Reps

Monday, August 19, 2013

WOD & Double

Last day of summer in Maine.   Was definitely feeling blue yesterday as its always sad to have to go back full time to reality.  I really like how active we are as a family in Maine.  I know it doesnt have to stop but with school and homework and sports it cuts into any flexibility we have to do things together.    Today we were going to pack up the house and drive home but we decided to not make a rush of it and get a few fun things in .

Warmup - 400m run 3 rounds of 10 pushups, 10 squats and 15 sit-ups

WoD 1:  2 x250m with 1 minute break

44.6 and 48.1  Big drop off and gives an indication of my fitness.  Need to do more of these type as well as the 20 rep max

Liquid Cocaine:

5 Rounds of

5 C&J's @155lbs
10 C2B Pullups

I was averaging well under 2 minutes a round until the 4th round.   I needed to be more efficient on the Jerks early in the WOD.  The weight wasnt the issue it was more that I was pretty gassed.  


I will have to do this one again. 

15 minute break and then off to do some hiking with Jack.   We thought about doing Conner's nubble as I havent done that hike yet but decided to do Day Mt and The Triad. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Double WOD

Woke up and still do not feel well rested but Im going to get after it one way or another.

Warm up:  stretching

Ran 400m and my foot felt ok but the rest of my body felt like it weighed a million pounds.


20 Rep Front Squat Max Weight.

Warmed up at 95,115, 145, 155

Did 175lbs.  It was pretty taxing.

WOD - Jackie

1000M Row
50 Thrusters at 45lbs
30 Pullups

Did the 1000m at 3:45
I really was worn out during the Thrusters.  I would have liked to stop after the row.  I was way off my best time.

Final time 8:47  I have a long way to go to get back to the level I was at a year plus ago.

Changed my clothes and we went off to hike Pematic.   I was hoping for an nice easy hike but Susie was using it for training and went off at a torrid pace.   My legs were junk and I was breathing heavy.  I did my best to stay close.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Trying to get back on track

Woke up around 8am still pretty worn out but I was determined to try out the Alden Rowing Shell I had purchased at the auction last weekend.   I tried to cobble together a trailed so that I didnt have to carry the shell and make multiple trips.   I wasted about a half hour and just finally decided to carry it down.  Its not super heavy but it is a but awkward.   I struggled to figure the technique out and I wasnt helped by the fact that one of the toe straps was broken.    Just as I was nearing the fleet and I was getting more comfortable one of my oars broke.   The break was in 3 of the seems so when you started pulling on the stroke it would bend in half.  Not a huge deal since i got two pair with the boat.  I ended up just going from Harbor to the Fleet and back.   Good work.

I was late to meet Jack for a hike so we decided to go in the early afternoon before our reservation at Jordan Pond.  We decided to do Penobscott vai the Spring Trail.   We didnt have a lot of time so I really pushed the pace.  Jack was not happy but he matched me all the way and I barely ended him out but it took a lot our o f me.

A few photos of the trek:

Friday, August 16, 2013


Each day I planned to get up and work out and each day I woke up early enough to get ready but started doing work calls at 4am pst.   I was just dragging and just wasnt sleeping well all week.   The most exercise I got was walking back from Fisherman's warf after we took the commute ferry for a ride as a way to try and unwind.  I thought for sure I would be recovered for a wod on Thursday but again woke up 3:30am and did some work but managed to fall back asleep and miss the 6am class.  What is the best way to rest up after a tiring week?  Yep take the red eye home.   I did manage to get a few hours but not nearly enough.   Flight up to Maine was delayed for a few hours but managed to arrive to a spectacular day in the early afternoon.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Started Tired

Finished packing around 11pm and by the time I feel asleep it was well after midnight.  Even then I still woke up before the alarm rang at 3:45am.  Had to leave a little earlier than normal to bring the rental car back.  That all went fine and even though I was able to sleep on the plane by the time I finished my work day and then a internal dinner I was toast.... Not a great way to start off the week.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Trek back

Had to drive home as I didnt want to leave Maine mid-day on such a spectacular day.   I rented a car but decided to check to see if someone hadnt shown up for the 4:30pm flight.  It was after 4 so i felt like if there was an empty seat I would be set.   As soon as the agent told me there was one passenger who had not check in yet I was thinking - "yes I have avoided the 5 hour drive"  when sure enough a car pulled up and out jumped a passenger sprinting to the check in counter.  

So I got in the car and started driving and then got an email from the private plane service with a quote that was high but not outrageous.   I emailed them back asking if they could leave soon and thought as soon as I hear I will turn around.   Well 6 hours later as I pull into my drive way I get a message that they can take me.    The drive ended up being fine.  Got some work calls done.

Boat Pick-Up

I bid on and won a Alden Ocean Scull at the Friends of Acadia event last night.   I really wanted the 1950 Willys Jeepster Convertible but there was some crazy bidding on that.   They listed it at 25k and the bidding started at 15k and shot to 30k in about 15 seconds.   It ended up going for 42k. 

Jeff went over with me and helped me load the boat on the car and bring it home.  I would have liked to have used it today but just ran out of time.  Looking forward to taking it our next weekend. 

1.  OHS 5X3

95,115, 125, 135,145. 155

That was relatively easy. I should have started at 135lbs and gone from there.

2.   20 Rep Backsquat

185lbs was probably a little too easy.   215 might be the right challenge next time.

3. "Prairie Fire" sponsored by Fuel For Fire
12-10-8-6-4-2 Handstand Push Up 2-4-6-8-10-12 Power Cleans (155, 105#)

12:47    I did strict HSPU's I should probably start working on my kipping HSPU as that is where I lost all of my time.

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Didnt sleep very well but that is expected when you skip through so many time zone.  I woke up at 3am and was hungry and wide awake.  Got up and went through some emails and had a snack.   Made it back in bed by 5am so its not surprising Tris woke me up to tell me that Jeff Peterson was here to workout.   One of the favorite parts of the summer for me is to get to train with so many amazing athletes.   Now Jeff is a running machine with a huge engine.  The only way I am going to stay close to him in a wod is if it gets real heavy but from the looks of him that advantage seems to be gone as well as he looks like he put on 15lbs of muscle.

We did a warm up 5X10
Weighted Pushups
Wall Ball Situps

225lb Deadlift

I was feeling ok during the warm up but boy did that 225lb deadlift get heavy during the wod.  I kept a good pace and never stopped or put the bar down.  I felt like I had gone as hard as could after 30 hrs of travel.   My time was 4:13.  Jeff went next and absolutely crushed it.   Fast on both burpees and Deadlifts.  He did a 3:37.   Crushed me by 36 seconds.  I will need to try that one again when better rested.

We had planned on doing a second wod but I wasnt so sure after the first one, but since I had written it on the board it had to be done.

3 rounds of

500m Row
10 Clean and Jerks at 95lbs

Not a very heavy weight and in fact we should have done 135lbs that would have been good.

Jeff went first this time and put in a time of 8:22.   I was able to beat him on this one with a time of 8:16.

Spent the rest of the day out on the boat.  Perfect Summer Day.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Rest Days and Travel Days

It was a good week but very tiring.   It seems that everytime we have a meeting I have to deal with some other fire drill happening in another time zone in the middle of the night.  I did make it to the beach 30 minutes before I was to head out to the airport for the journey home.  

Finally made it to the beach for swim

Finally I have arrived in Maine

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 3 @ Prince Hotel

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of Pullups
50-40-30-20-15-12-10 Air Squats
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Toes to Bar


Woding at Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel Gym

WOD1 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1..


WOD 2 
EMOM  for 15 minutes with 45lb dumbells
5 Power Cleans
5 Thrusters

This was brutally hard.  

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day 2 of Prince Hotel

WOD 1 

100 Push Presses @45lbs
On the every minute on the minute do 3 burpees

Started out strong with close to 20 reps and then it got really really hard. 


I had planned to do 10 rounds but only could do 6 rounds because of an urgent call for work.

10 Push-ups
20 Sit-ups


Sunday, August 4, 2013

Travel Day

4am pickup - 6am flight from Boston to SFO then SFO to Honolulu to Kona.  All in all an uneventful travel day.  

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Craic Ride & Crippler

Nice group from Craic plus Tom G and George.

A few photos:

Super Busy day getting ready for the trip to Hawaii and Craic BBQ. Still managed to find time to trim the hedges near door and get a second workout in.

Crippler 2.0

30 Back Squats @225lbs
500m Row
30 Shoulder to OH @155Lbs
500m Row

This wod was way harder than what I was hoping for.  I paid everywhere.   I really had to break up both seats and just didnt have the strength which ended up taping all of my systems.  I was really breathing hard through the whole thing.

Total 16:24

Friday, August 2, 2013


A1. Hang Power Clean 3-3-3-3-3
A2. Shoulder Press 5-5-5-5-5 - rest approx 2 mins betweens sets
- same bar for all sets

95lbs, 115lbs, 125lbs, 135lbs, 145lbs only 2 press,  145lbs only 3 press

B. 10min AMRAP
5 DB Hang Cleans with 35lb DBs
7 DB Push Press with 35lb DBs
9 Toes to Bar / Situps

7 rounds plus 2 reps   Forearms were smoked

C. Hollow Rocks 20sec on 20sec off x4

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Better than expected

I was not very excited about the WOD as it seemed like more of what I did earlier this week.  In the end I found the fun in it by just really pushing myself to the edge and focusing on really nailing the ROMs on every rep.

10 Min Mobility

20 min AMRAP

2 Min Airdyne
15 Burpees
10 KBS 53lbs
20 Situps

10 min Mobility