Saturday, July 28, 2012

Work Day

I was so geared up for todays workout I really didnt sleep well at all.  I kept going over in my mind the movements and thinking about how I really have to improve my technique.  I ended getting out of bed and reading a Q&A blog on lifts on Mike's gym web page. 

In the gym by 6:30 after watching some of the Olympic cycling race on my Ipad.  That ABC app will prove very addicting.

Warm Up = Active line drills

A. Quarter Squats - Warm Up  135, 165

5 reps @ 185
4 reps @215
3 reps @ 235
2 reps @245
1 rep @250

I was surprised at how taxing this was.  When I finished I could tell it took a lot out of me.  Here is a video of one of the early sets.  Look who shows up at the end of the clip looking jacked.

b.  Hang Squat Cleans - work to 1 rep max.  This was a chance to work the form and take it heavier.  Im much better at Power Clean but that doesnt make any sense.  I need to get better at my speed through the middle and getting under the bar.  All of my misses the bar was plenty high.

Warm-up 135, 135
165, 185, 195, 205. failed at 210 3 times.  Disappointed in this as I was hoping to get to 225 at least.

C    3 Rounds of 
15 GHD - 10 sec rest
15 Back Extentions - 2 minute rest
Felt great on this movement

20 minutes of double under practice including a 2 minute drill - 97 straight at one point which may be a new record for me.  This movement is back to where it should be.

2nd Workout of the day was 1 hour on the bike.   Felt very good on the flats.   Legs definitely felt it on the hills.

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