Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Back in the Hood

The new and improved Craic Houz

First check in at Craic in about 3 weeks.   It is nice to be back in the gym.  I watched a video back from the opens yesterday and its amazing how far the gym has come.  The renovation turned out really and well and you wouldn't even believe it was the same place.  Looking forward to to the day that Craic takes over the whole building.  Its only a matter of time. 

A) Snatch Deadlift - warm up 5@135bs, 5@185lbs, 3@225lbs, 3@275lbs
     - 3x3 @ 325lbs
B) Back extensions 15 reps x 3 
10min AMRAP 
7 PC@115
5 Burpees 
2 HSPU (strict)
8 rounds - I felt I had great range of motion on all movements but probably not as fast as I should be.   HSPU - shoulders felt better every round.   Didnt have a lot of strength for some reason.

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