Crossfit Boxes Visited

  1. NYC Blackbox - I got to help lay down the rubber floor- damn those are heavy
  2. Crossfit Performance - BK made it fun for sure.  Looking to visit his new box.
  3. Crossfit San Francisco - KStarr, Boz and Angel - top notch coaches and what a view.  Probably the best view from a crossfit gym anywhere. Who doesnt love to train outside under a tent?
  4. Crossfit Sydney -I think I was the only one in the class without Vibram Five Fingers
  5. Crossfit San Mateo - Small world Brendon Mahoney is a Innov8 sponsored athlete and is friends with Lisa8 of CFNE.
  6. Lalanne fitness powered by Crossfit (San Fran) - Close to my favorite hotel in SF.  Coach Mike Perry grew up in Massachussetts
  7. Crossfit London - 
  8. Crossfit Vegas - 
  9. Crossfit Affliction (Fort Lauderdale)- Been to their first box and to their new box.  Coach Steven Bowser is a lot of fun to train with and to ride your ass while working out.
  10. Crossfit Richmond - Cool gym in an old building.  All I remember is a rowing, burpee brutal wod.
  11. Atlas Crossfit (Chicago) - Great gym.  Big space and a separate area for rope climbs and muscle-ups.   The think that I remember about this gym was that I was taking my time setting up my equipment for the wod when I realized there were no more 55lb Kettlebells left so I was stuck with a 70 lb'er for the WOD.
  12. Crossfit Chicago - This is the home box of one of my colleagues.   Its in an industrial park and has a nice gritty get down to work feel to it.   Really big space but needed a bit more equipment
  13. Crossfit Florian
  14. Crossfit Providence - Watched a throwdown. Didnt work out
  15. Crossfit Southie
  16. Crossfit Toronto
  17. RiverNorth Crossfit - Chicago
  18. Crossfit Maxability - NJ
  19. Crossfit Rising - NJ
  20. Crossfit Annex - NJ
  21. Crossfit Hell's Kitchen
  22. Ocean State Crossfit
  23. Crossfit Chakita - Tokyo Japan
  24. Crossfit Acadia
  25. Crossfit the Playground - Fort Lauderdale 
  26. Crossfit Waimea - Ironic that it is in an ice cream factory
  27. Crossfit Golden Gate
  28. Crossfit Mount Kisco
  29. Crossfit Central London
  30. Crossfit Shoreline
  31. Crossfit Reebok 5th Avenue
  32. Crossfit Shifted 
  33. Cactus Crossfit 
  34. Crossfit EVP Columbus Circle
  35. Crossfit 416
  36. Crossfit Naptown
  37. Crossfit Sobo
  38. Crossfit Max Effort 
  39. Crossfit Kawaihae 
  40. Crossfit Portland
  41. Crossfit Dana Point
  42. Crossfit Flagship
  43. Crossfit Bedford Hills
  44. Crossfit Monterey
  45. Crossfit Wall Street
  46. Makena Crossfit