Sunday, July 1, 2012

Press & Bench

Woke up a little more tired than I expected after yesterdays wod.   Perfect day here in NEH and the first wod of the summer in the garage gym.

Warmup= Mountain Bike ride 10 minutes just to get the blood moving

A) Seated Single arm DB Shoulder Press - 10-12 x 3 - rest 1min between arms 
I dont have dumbells here so I had to substitute a strict barbell press.  
warmup - bar and then 65lbs 10 reps
95lbs (10 reps), 95lbs (10 reps), 105lbs(10reps) , 115(9 reps), 125lbs (5 reps)
B) Close Grip Bench - 8-8-6-6-4-4- rest 3 mins 
This was also tough without a real bench, had to use the box jump box.
Warmup (95lbs)
115lbs(8 reps), 135lbs(8reps). 145lbs(6 reps), 145lbs (6 reps). 155lbs(4), 155lbs(4)
C) 10-1 UB HSPU for time (strict)
 This was an epic fail.  I clearly did to much in the press as I had nothing left. Just awful.
10 reps
5 reps
5 reps 

Will need to discuss with my coach where this went wrong.  Im having a hard time selecting the right weights for the WODs.  Not sure if I am going to easy or to hard. Im hoping this afternoon's wod goes better.

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