Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Airdyne intervals

Hard to believe I was looking forward to Thrusters.  I guess its all relative.  I have been half fearing, half looking forward to the airdyne!   The Airdyne is like the ultimate heart rate torture machine!
Good warmup
Run, Double unders and mobility.  Shoulders and lower back were a little sore but loosened up once i started to sweat. 

20s max Thrusters @95lbs
10s rest
20s max cals AD 
rest 4 mins 
rest 10mins 

  Round 1.1 Round 1.2 Round 1.3
Thrusters 9 11 11
Calories 14 5* 13
  Round 2.1 Round 2.2 Round 2.3
Thrusters 11 11 10
Calories 16 9 11

So you can see the drop in round 2. The bike computer shut off! damn.   Do I did a make up round. Felt good on the Thrusters.   You can extrapolate the Thursters and realize that my Fran PR will be hard to improve upon by much.  Round 5 was another screw up as I started pedaling the bike backwards and paused to restart the other direction. 

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