Monday, June 30, 2014

Death By Body Weight

Warm up
200M run
Pass Thru's
Good Mornings
Couch Stretch
Lax Ball

“Death By Body Weight” ?#?DBBW?
40-Air Squats
(4min Time Cap)
-Rest until next 4min cycle
-Continue until you cannot finish the chipper under 4mins

So this is essentially baseline without the row.   This was a wod right in my wheel house so I was excited to give it a try.  I was finishing the wod from any where from 2 to 3 minutes.   Dennis was with me until the 8th round when I think he finished finishing by 1 to 2 seconds.   I got thru the 9th round and then decided to  call it quits.   The 6:30 class had already started and I decided that I had had enough.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tour de Boston

Another beautiful day.  Dennis and I had planned to ride early but I had a late start and then really didnt want to leave before Susie and Jack got on the road to Maine.  Tried to find someone to ride but everyone was tied up.   Decided to make my way into the City to see if I could find and ride the SW Corridor.   Shocked that I had no idea it even existed.   Lots of starts and stops.  Not a great riding trail but a great commuter trail. Not very fast but good to get out and get some time on the bike.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Crossfit with Jack

Awesome day at Craic even though it was the last weekend class at the Dedham gym - sad face.  It was great because Jack joined me.  I brought him along because the movements were super simple and I suspected it would be sparsely attended as so many people headed to beach to enjoy the weather.

DU 2min Drill
-with counter
Rest 5mins
121 and 110 is what Jack counted for me.  I had counted more but he was the official counter so his scores are the ones that count.   Jack didn't have doubles but he improved his overall jump rope skills

Teams of 3
-Row 500
-Run 400

Jack and I team up and we did it with as a relay.   He did really well but started to wilt so I had him sit out a round.

My splits
Row 1 - 1:48.2 - 33 spm
Row 2 - 1:49.3 - 25 spm
Row 3 - 1:47.6 - 28 spm

4 runs & 3 rows

Row 1 - 1:54 -35spm
Row 2 - 2:23.7 - 31 spm
Row 3. - 2:33.3 - 29 spm
Row 4. - 2:11.5 - 34 spm

4 Rows and 2 Runs

Friday, June 27, 2014

Looks can be deceiving

When I walked in the door for the 6:30 class and found most of the 5:30 class on the floor wrecked I was quite surprised.  I has glanced at the wod and thought looks challenging but not frightening.   I has read it wrong and it was a emom not an Amrap and that changed everything.

Long involved warm up of couch stretch and shoulder stretch then some work with change plates.   


EMOM 7 minutes 
5 front squats @205
3 Muscle Ups

Rd 1 check 
Rd 2 check 
Rd 3 5 and 2
Rd 4  5 and 3
Rd 5 miss
Rd 6 check
Rd 7 5 and 2

That was very hard as the front squat had me very shredded

Tris with his bunk mates

Thursday, June 26, 2014

What a day!

Rowing Wod:

Pre-set the monitor for 22 minutes. Row five intervals in a pyramid of 2-3-4-3-2 minutes, with two minutes of rest in between each piece.

The 2 minute interval was ok but once past that it was absolutely brutal.

Total - 14:00 minutes of work  3716 - Meters / 1:53 
2:00 = 552 1:48.6
3:00 = 784 1:54.7
4:00 = 1009 1:58.9
3:00 = 815 1:50.4
2:00 = 

Today was drop-off day at Camp Wigwam for Tristan.  It will be very strange not seeing him for a month.  Im sure he will have a great time.

Oh yeh the USMNT advanced to the round of 16 as well. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 2 at CF 416

Warm up
50 double unders
10 yoga push-ups
10 ring dips
Line drills

2 round of hollow hold and plank

10 min emom
3 reps left and right pistols

18min AMRAP
7 pull-ups
10 KBS

11 rounds

Headed Home

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Toronto & NBC#7

Was so excited to discover that Susie and I were selected as No Bread Challenge winners along with Beth McElhinney and Joe Dooher!  Its even more fun to win with your wife.  Congratulations to everyone that participated.

Took a few shots of Toronto as I was walking between meetings and dinner.

Crossfit 416

Had the opportunity to train with Chris King who also happened to be in Toronto.

Deadlift -
5 @ 60%
5 @ 70%
5 @ 80%
Since I just deadlifted yesterday I did back squats

3 x 3 Negatives – Max effort on the decent

These were a lot harder than I imagined.

12 Min AMRAP
10 x Wall Balls (20/14)
25 x Double Unders

11 Rounds plus 2

Post WOD Couch Stretch

Monday, June 23, 2014

I wil take the next train

Opted to go to the 6:30 class as I was
planning on modifying the wod.  Turns out I read the wod as it was posted wrong.    I thought we were programmed to do Diane  rest 10 minutes and do Diane again.   Since I had done a mess of HSPUs on Saturday I was going to skip them all together.   Then I decided to do one round.  It wasn't until after the first part that I realized there was no second wod of Diane.   By that time I had convinced myself to do Deadlifts and Box jumps already.


Deadlifts 225/155
Handstand PUs

WOD #2


Deadlifts @275
Box Jumps - 30inches

Super slow - 6:47

Sunday, June 22, 2014

USMNT loses to Portugal 2-2

This looked liked it was going to be awful as we have up a goal 4 minutes in after a bad clearance by Jeff Cameron.  We fought back and actually went ahead only to have the win and 3 points snatched from our hands with a text book finish.

Recovery Ride

Met up with Dennis to do an easy recovery ride.  Weather was blue sky and sunny.  Still on cooler side in high 60's and low 70's  

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Competitor class

Class is always good when a lot of my favorite Craic heads are there - Andy M, Dennis M,  Ben,  Giorgio and Carleen.


1RM Thruster

3min AMRAP
3 Squat Cleans @ 185lbs

rest 6 minutes

3 Squat Cleans @ 185lbs

Rest 12 minutes

3 Squat Cleans @ 185lbs

1st - 2 rds plus 5
2nd - 4 rds plus 5
3rd - 5rds plus 4 got stuck on the HSPU.  Went strict and got completely buried

Friday, June 20, 2014

End of #NBC7

This was the first NoBreadChallenge or Paleo challenge that Susie and I were in together.    It was super motivating to have a partner to keep each other honest.   We had a great time posting photos of food that we knew would tempt each other.  That said we both were determined and remained 100% committed to eating clean.    I hope that everyone got a laugh out of those posts.  There intention wasnt to be cruel to each other but to keep things light and let everyone know that they were stronger than any temptation if they had the support of the community.

After the 50 days I  really didn't miss a lot of the things that I had been eating that were questionable and my energy level has been good.  I lost a little weight and leaned out a bit.   Now its just staying the course maybe not quite as strict but not allowing myself things just when the stress level is high.  Generally my cheats come when traveling or on the road.  Not surprisingly but this can be managed if your committed.

Pre Performance Metrics and Post Performance Metrics

Its a bummer that I wasn't able to do all the tests but here is what I have.

NB test 1 - 30/30
 April 30 2014 - Time 3:14
June 18 2014 - 2:32

NB test 2 - Helen
No first test - prior scores from 2009 - 2012
1. 8:54 11-09
2. 8:46 12-09
3. 8:59 4-09
4. 8:46 11-10
5. 8:21 2-11
6.  11:42 6-11 Heavy Helen 70lb KB and c2b
7.  8:03 11-12
June 20 2014 - 8:21 2nd fastest time.  Very happy as my running is down signficantly since the foot injury last summer.

Test 3 - April 28th
Front Squat - 285
Clean -225
Missed the restest but for a comparison basis my best Front Squat was 275lbs and my best Clean was 255.

The photos that prove the progress.  After the 2013 Opens finished and I was disappointed in not qualifying I reflected in what originally got me interested in crossfit.  It wasnt the competitions (there really werent any back then) it was because I liked working out and being challenged.   So I have been focusing on that and its been a fun year.   My workouts have been my workouts.  I haven't worried about whether someone was faster or doing more.  I'm in this for the long haul and its what I do not who I am.   I enjoy the camaraderie of the group.  How else can I explain going to Crack Of Dawn when I could actually go later.  The only advice to all of you youngsters who are tearing it up.  Make sure you have a long term view of your goals - its easy to get consumed by the sport and spend a lot of negative energy on what is not going right. 

Helen Redux as part of NBC#7

One of my favorite workouts of all time.  You dont have super technical skills, its just 3 basic movements - Running, Swings and pullups.  I have done this quite a few times so have a lot of metrics to compare against.  

Spent a lot of time thinking about my approach and how I would do.   Knew that if I was in the same heat as Tom Gormley I would do better as I had someone to chase. 
Tom and I had a plan to pace the first run as much as possible maybe do a 1:45 or so as we were chatting on the run.   It ended up being quicker than planned but not so hard that we were hurting.   First round felt great as it usually does.  It all comes down to the run.  Can I sustain a quick enough pace that doesnt slow me down on the other movements.

Round 1 run 1:33  Total round 2:33
Round 2 run 1:56   round time - 2:55 Total time - 5:28
Round 3 run 2:04  round time -2:53  Total time 8:21

Pretty happy with that performance.  18 seconds off my best time.  Deroma beat my other score so he moved me down into 3rd place in the gym. 

The 8:44 Splits are Jarrod's scores which were smoking in first round

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thursday Rest Day

I decided to take a rest day on Thursday as I have done a lot of volume and I dont feel like I am adequately recovered.  Its hard to stop when you are having fun. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Craic 30 for 30 redux

Morning Sky
Warm Up

10 S2OH @95s
500 M row
5 S2OH @115s
400m Row
15 calorie Row all out = Tried to stay between 2100-2200 cals per hour.  Ugly but hard.  Jarrod offered my some technical advice.  At that pace form is out the window and I am just trying to put numbers up.   I will try to consider form next max effort.

30-Cals Rowed

Last time I did this I did a 3:14.  Neither score very good.  I was feeling very fatigued but after watching Dave and Eric do it I was more energized.

S2OH - 20 - 6 - 4
Split time - 1:26
30 Cals - 1:06

Total time - 2:32

Started rowing and couldnt even hit 1500.   Picked it up again but really didnt move the needle.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Just Fun

Partner Warm Up.

One person does Double Unders while the other partner runs 400M then switch

Mobility - Shoulder, Calf and Quad

Rest 3m

Round 1 & 2 double unders went well,  Round 3 the worst and then Round 4 so so

Round 1 - 2:38
Round 2 - 2:30
Round 3 - 2:34
Round 4 - 2:38

Row - 10min for Meters = 2379

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Morning Ride

Morning Ride with Tom and George.  
Way faster than I would have ridden if I was by myself.  Hung in there until we were out in Dover.  Got punished on those damn rolling hills that I struggle with when they are pushing the pace.  Fine on the flats until they hit top speed.

Father's Day at Fenway Park!  It was a great time aside from the fact that the Red Sox lost in extra innings.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Drop in at Florian

GGot a text from Paul Teehan to come and train with him and the guys at Florian. Craic was just scheduled to run so the timing was great.  Dennis Mahoney joined us as well.  Surprised to see Danny Deroma there as well.

Masters final wod 
100 du's
100m run
4 rope climbs
100m run
30 FS 135 with fat bar
100m run
100m farmer carry 70l
100m run 
30 1arm snatch 70 15l/15r
100m run

Interesting wod but i approached it way to tentatively.  Feel behind early and was left way behind.  Only did 50lb snatches as we ran out of weights.  
Final time - 10:29

Dennis and I did a 2nd wod.  Programmed the rower so I could look at my splits and the damn monitor restarts just after I start.   

1000m row
30 Burpees
750m row
20 Burpees
500m row
10 burpees


Friday, June 13, 2014

Nasrty Girls

I think this may be one of the old school crossfit workouts that I have never done.  In fact I was a little bit intimidated doing it.  I have really done many muscle-ups in a long while.  
 “Nasty Girls”
50 Air Squats
7-Muscle Ups
10-Hang Cleans

My plan was to break the muscle ups right away in sets of 2.   Blew that off right from the start and did 6-1 everything else unbroken.   2nd round I did 4-3 and then hangs unbroken.    Last round 4-2-1 and then 5-5 for the cleans.

Total time - 12:26   Wasted a lot of time on the muscleups


2 games of fish row

Round 1 - 1020 2:07 pace 940 meters
Round 2 - 1440 2:17 pace 908 meters

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rowing Days

This what things look like after pushing hard
45 Plate Overhead
15 Burpees

Russian Twists
500m Row

Teams of 2
Row 2000
Switch every 10 Cals.
Rest 10mins

Partnered up with Rick.  My goal was stay over 1800 cal avg.   Usually somewhere in the 1900 range.  Occasionally 2000.

Felt Good and put in the effort on both rounds.   In the second round we decided to go for 15 calories but kept up the effort.

Round 1 - 7:57.2 - 133 calories
Round 2 - 7:39.8 - 1093 calories

Post Class did fishing game twice ;

Score 825
Avg Pace 2:11
Meters: 910

Score 1470
Avg Pace 2:05
Meters 955

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Simple but Effective

Todays wod didnt look like much on paper but was quite effective in taxing the system.  In fact it was the delayed punch that made it even more difficult.  I was partnered up with Eric and Jacob so I knew that I was going to have to work hard to remain competitive.

3 Rounds EFT
Push Jerks
Row 20Cals
Rest 5mins

My score are in the middle column.  

1- 1:16
2 - 1:27
3 - 1:22

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Need for Speed

I was really excited to do todays WOD.   Its one of those that is all about conditioning.   How fast can you whip thru the movements and then run 400meters.   I have been going to the 5:30am class not because I need to go that early but because I know there will be athletes that will really push me to go harder.  Thanks  Dennis and Tom Gormley! 

3x Max Effort
Round 1 - 6
Round 2 - 7
Round 3 - 8

Rest 4mins

First round I really thought I did well. Got out the door and managed to hold off the wolves.   I would not be so lucky in round 2 and 3 as Tom G really trounced me.  I made it out the door but he caught and past me around the post office and I couldnt stay with him if my life depended on it.

Round 1 = 1:55
Round 2 = 1:57
Round 3 = 1:57


10 Minutes of Rowing