Sunday, July 29, 2012

Strength & Airdyne torture

Up early to be able to get my strength in so I would have time to spot Susie in her 1 rep max and Church.

A) Strict Press 5-4-3-2-1 (3min rest in between) 
I think this lift is improving but I dont have any hard numbers to prove it.
Warm-Up 20 reps @45, 5 reps @95lbs
5 reps @115lbs
4 reps @125lbs
3 reps @135lbs
2reps @145lbs
1 reps @155lbs
1 rep @160 Failed
1 rep @160 Failed

I would really love to get to 170lbs but I have a few stops in between where I am to get there.
B) Hang Snatch High Pull 2-2-2-2-2 (2min rest in between)
2 @135lbs
2 @135lbs
2 @155lbs
Did a few reps on the way back down to work on my form.  

C) 100 Ring Push-ups for time 
Warming up for this movement I didnt think this was going to be too bad. Fat chance.  Took me about 4:15 to get through the first 50.  I started out way to fast and then ended up doing sets of 4.  Total time 9:15.
 D) DB ext rot - 8-10 x 3 - rest 1min between arms   Reps @15lbs

 Act II
After Church and helping Susie hit a 210lb back squat Which you can watch here: 
 I had to get after my wod.  It was completely brutal.  When I was finally done I felt like I had just done Fran.

AD Sprint 20s - rest 2mins actively 
rest 10mins 

Rd1 - 21 Calories
Rd 2 - 21 Calories
Rd 3 - 18 Calories
Rd 4 - 18 Calories
Rd 5 - 23 Calories
Rd 6 - 19 Calories
Rd 7 - 17 Calories
Rd 8 - 14 Calories

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