Thursday, July 5, 2012

Real Work & then some fun

Woke up to a pouring rain beating against the window and wanted to just stay in bed.  Of course I did quite the opposite, got up and went into the garage gym and tried to get a good warm up in before I started my strength work.

3 rounds of
20 pass throughs
10 OHS
20 Pushups
20 Mt Climbers
25 Double Unders

Burgener Warm_up and then into the Snatch workout.  I wasnt dreading this workout but when I got into it I realized that the only thing worth than my snatch form is my Squat Snatch.  For some reason I just wasnt getting into a strong squat stance very fast.  Right knee was caving in and then couldnt get a strong shoulder position. I was all over the place and the weight I was moving was not that heavy.    Warmed up with 95lbs for Snatch Balance and then went into rep scheme.

Snatch Balance
1st lift - 115lbs 3 reps
2nd lift - 135lbs 3 reps
3rd lift - 155bs - 2 reps 1 fail
4th lift - 155lbs - 2 reps 1 fail
5th lift - 155lbs - 1 rep

Warmed up with 65lbs for Squat Snatch.  The funny thing is I can muscle snatch way more than I can squat snatch.  Its not suppose to be that way which is why I need to improve this lift.
Squat Snatch

1st lift - 95lbs 2 reps
2nd lift - 115lbs 2 reps
3rd lift - 125bs - 2 reps
4th lift - 135lbs - 2 reps

 By this time the rain had stopped so I dried the rings off again and adjusted the height.  I have them hanging off a wooden pergola in the back garden.  I got the buckle to close to the wooden beam and ended up digging into on one ring and breaking part of the metal clasp off on the other.  This was a big distraction during this wod.  Not sure how much better I would have done as the snatch workouts took a lot out of me.

EMOM 3 muscle ups
5 rounds plus 1

Afternoon WOD -   Fast Hike/Run to Cedar Swamp and Back.  Really pushed the pace on the carriage trails out and then back. 

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