Sunday, July 15, 2012

Trail and Track

Right after the strength training we went out for a quick hike.  It was Jack, Tom and Henry Crane.  Jack had it in his mind that he was going to defend his top of the mountain title and that is what he did.   We did the ladder trail to Dorr Mountain and Jack set a blistering pace from the minute we hit the trail head up. 

After the hike, quick lunch and a boat trip I still had the 2nd part of todays workout to get in.  I was getting pressed for time so I made the executive decision to shave the recovery time which looked overly generous.  If my times fell off I would have gone for a longer recovery.  

10 Burpees 
Sprint 100m 
rest 3mins 
rest 6mins 

Round 1- 43.67
Round 2 - 40.07
Round 3 - 43.61
Round 4 - 43.00
Round 5 - 40.00
Round 6 - 43.41
Round 7 - 45.56
Round 8 - 43.21

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