Saturday, December 31, 2011

Truth Serum

" Truth Serum "
800 Meter Run
10 Handstand Push Ups
20 Kettlebell Swings (70, 53)
30 Overhead Walking Lunges. 15 each side (45, 25)
40 Pull Ups
50 Push Ups
800 Meter Run
50 Push Ups

Total Time 40:55

This looked like a good one off the CFNE site. Crossfit Craic had programmed Murph but I felt like that would be a beat down not that this one wasnt.   I screwed up the wod right after the 800m row and went right to the KBS swings.  I realized i missed them when i finished the first set up pushups.   By this time i was smoked and you never saw a more pathetic set up HSPU's.  They were about 2 abmats from the floor and were generally lousy.   Im not sure what is wrong because just a month ago i was able to bang out 20 straight.   Im not sure if it is the 2 week layoff or the smoking of my triceps last week.  I better start getting back on track or I might as well forget about any hope of qualifying for the masters.   I just dont have the intense gear right now. Im not sure if its fear and Im trying to protect my back or I am just run down from the travel and lack of sleep of this vacation.  Pretty sad that I am more tired from vacation travel than work travel.

This day marks a year of WODs captured in the Blog.  

Friday, December 30, 2011

True Rest Day

REST DAY. A real one.  No travel

Pure Strength

It feels good to be home!  Even better was the fact that I got to train with Susie again today at the Craic house.  

5 Rounds not for time:
5 Bench Press
5 Deadlift
increase weight each set
rest as needed between sets

it was fun to see Susie join our group when we were doing Deadlifts.  She set a new PR on a 5 rep DL at 240.  She made it look easy.  I think she has a 300lb Deadlift in her for sure.  

My bench is absolutely pathetic.  Not sure what the issue is, other than just not strong enough.   I was very happy that I was able to Deadlift and the back has held up fine.

Bench Press - 135, 155, 165, 175(4), 175, 180(4) I just didnt have the fire in me to really get more

135, 185, 225 255, 275, 300, 315, 335.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Double WOD - 1 min station wod and Drive

Susie and I managed to get 1 more workout in before we left Canton. The Weather took a turn for the worse and it started to snow with a bit of high wind mixed in. The temperature also dropped from high 30's to 11 degrees and falling.  

3 rounds for max reps
1 min each station
Air Squat
Push Press 45/25lb
Ball Slams

I got through this but clearly didnt destroy it or myself as I think Robin and Susie both beat my score handily.   I did stick with good ROM.   Total Reps  395

Tris managed to collect the eggs from Bob and Robin's hen house again.  He really loves animals and some time in the snow even though it was bitter cold!

 Before I started my trip I checked the website to see how the roads would be.   No report from all of the roads I would be on!  We got stuck behind a plow which was sanding and plowing for the first 35 miles and then again 10 miles later.   I think those roads were the worst of it and it got progressively better once we go past Blue Mountain Lake

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

DOUBLE WOD - ROW, jump, swing

The plan had been for Susie, my Brother Bob and Sister in law Robin to all hit the Craic workout together.  The best plans always seem to go awry.   One would think it would be awesome to work as an assistant athletic director in charge of facilities as you could workout whenever you wanted.  That is good but the downside is it is like going to work on your day off and that is never good.   When we arrived we walked into a project by a work crew that was not going well and my bro had to spend the next hour calling in supervisors etc to get it dealt with.   We ended up doing a whole staggered start.

Row 250m
21 Box Jumps
21 KB Swings 53/35
Row 250m
15 Box Jumps
15 KB Swings 53/35
Row 250m
9 Box Jumps
9 KB Swings 53/35

There was suppose to be another row but we missed that when we did the wod.  Oh well.  I did a 55lb dumbell swing and a 36inch monster box jump

Time 9:10

5 minute break and then

Toes To Bar (15)
Double Unders (50)

This was a horror show.   I couldnt get into any kind of kip on my toes to bar and my shoulders and grip were awful.   double unders got better every round.
Total time 7:37

Monday, December 26, 2011

Drive and then "Christine"

Groves outside of Poughkeepsie
Made the drive to Englewood up to Canton.   I was hoping it would be a shorter drive but it wasnt it was about the same distance as the drive from Dedham.   We made good time and were able to get in a wod prior to dinner. 

" Christine "
3 Rounds For Time:
500 Meter Row
12 Bodyweight Deadlifts (Used 185lbs vs 170)
21 Box Jumps
Not blazing fast but not bad after a 6 hour drive and short warm-up.
Adirondack Mts in the distance

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Rest and Recovery 12-24 and 12-25

I had originally planned to do the 12 days of Christmas WOD at Maxability Crossfit on Saturday morning but by Friday night my triceps were wrecked.  I'm not sure what exercise caused all of the damage.  They were so sore and swollen that I couldn't scratch my head with either arm.  This is the worst bought of soreness I have had in years.  Not sure it it was brought on by hitting things too hard after taking 2 weeks off or whether lack of sleep and dehydration was a factor as well.  Im sure they all contributed to the cause.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Workout #2 - Strength - Back Test

Added another new Crossfit box visit to my list -  Crossfit Rising.  I had considered hitting the morning class but thought it would be better if I tested my back with a lift later in the day.   I had a hard time finding this place, having actually drove by it 2-3 times.  It was behind a residential house which I didnt expect.  Only 3 guys in the class and they were very welcoming.  They let me know that their coach was away but I was welcome to join.   The WOD was 3X5 Backsquat.  I decided just to get some work in and not go overboard on the weight just to see how my back felt.  That said legs were taxed more than I thought they would be from the mornings beep test.

135(5), 185(5), 225(5), 245(5), 245(5) Clearly not very heavy but the back didnt hurt at all.  

Friday, December 23, 2011

Beep Test

On the road in Englewood NJ at my sister in laws house for the next couple of days.   I wasnt sure if I was going to be able to hit one of the local crossfit gyms so I wanted to get something in the books.   I had been wanting to do the beep test for a long time.

The beep test is also known as the bleep test, pacer test, Leger-test or 20-m shuttle run test, and is used by sports coaches and trainers to estimate an athlete's VO2 max (maximum oxygen uptake). The test involves running continuously between two points that are 20 m apart from side to side. These runs are cued of off  beeps at set intervals. As the test proceeds, the interval between each successive beep reduces, forcing the athlete to increase their speed over the course of the test, until it is impossible to keep in sync with the recording (or, in rare occasions, if the athlete completes the test).

I found multiple apps in the Istore and dowloaded two.  The first one I tried had issues with the audio.  This is not good if your being cued by a beep.  The second performed flawlessly.  It called out rounds and as well as recorded the levels and reps per level. 

 8 Rounds.   I think I could do better but I had just done what I think was 8 levels using the first app.  Would like to get in for some weight work later.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Repeat - You must be joking

Visited Crossfit Maxability today which is in Hackensack New Jersey.   First visit to this box. I think this brings my box total to well over 20 visited.   I have written about the challenges of jumping from box to box during a week and having a real lack of continuity in the ones training programming.   Today was like that week I did EVA at two different boxes in the same week but this encounter of programming was back to back with yesterday - presses and rowing.  It was fun to do a partner wod. Even cooler was that I made their website.

Partner WOD
12 Min. AMRAP
Everyone starts with a .65 mile bike sprint
Complete as many Shoulder to OH as possible 115/75
rotate when partner completes 15 abmat sit ups
Time Trial
2000M Row  
7:54.3  20+ seconds slower than yesterday. Ouch  Very consistent after the first round.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Back at It Again

The back is finally feeling normal enough to get back in the gym.  I was hoping for a nice easy reentry wod.  I still have some concern that since the back injury really happened out of the blue that it could pop up again.   Im going to continue to be vigilante about stretching and getting to Dr Gale

Time Trial: 2km Row
Strength: Shoulder Press 5-5-5-5-5 (increasing weight each set)

This was my renentry wod and not a picnic by any stretch. My plan was to try and be as consistent as possible and see if there was anything left at the end.

2k Time - 7:31
500 1:48.6  SPM = 30
1000 1:52.7  SPM = 33
1500 1:53.5  spm= 34
2000 1:56.2 spm 37

warm-up 95lbs

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Its been over a week since I last posted and more importantly worked out.    I have been working on getting my back better,    I have had multiple visits to the chiropractor - Thanks Dr Gale!  and for massage.   Slowly improving but still not at 100%.   Im trying to be very disciplined and not come back to soon only to miss even more time. This has definitely thrown a monkey wrench in my training.   If there is any good news its that I havent gotten cranky and irritable since I havent been able to work out.  Maybe I am maturing or maybe I just needed some time off. Im hoping by next week I will be good to go.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Crossfit Total

My back is getting better but I had some serious reservations about doing the Total give the tax it takes out of your back.  Did a great warm up and the back was feeling good. 

Hand Stand Holds, 20 back extensions and then back to some more hand stand holds.  I go to kick up and POW! right lower back binds up like no ones business.  I could barely stand up.

NO CROSSFIT TOTAL for Me. This will take me some time to recover.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crossfit Lalanne

Run Around Block

10 Wall Climbs

Hang Snatch - just did light as my back is still bothering me

Open Games WOD #1
AMRAP 10 Min
30 DU's
15 Power Snatch #75 (Subbed 5 wall climbs)

I really enjoy training at Lalanne Fitness in San Francisco but my one frustration is that they dont post the WODs in advance.    I knew that doing Snatches would be a bad idea since I had just done heavy strength on Sunday and my lower right side of my back was still smarting.   I knew that I should skip it.  So in the strength work I just focused on technique with a barbell.  In the Finisher I substituted 5 wall climbs for the power snatch.   I got 4 rounds 34/35 reps.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Strength Work and Miniwod

Sunday is suppose to be a day of reflection, peace and calm.  Today was not anything like this.  In fact whenever I have to head out for the week I start trying to get everything squared away before I leave and ultimately leads to a very bad day.  I was able to cram in a quick trip to the gym.

5 sets of %

Push Press - 135, 155, 155. 155. 175
Muscle Clean - 125, 155, 175. 185, 215(3)
Clean Pulls - 215, 215, 215, 215. 215

Quick WOD mostly for movement versus time
Muscle Up
5 yard hand Stand Walk - this was very bad and needs alot of work

Ben Folland and Dork came in to wod and row  Ben does his first 2k and rows a 6:55! Man that is awesome.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Crossfit Florian Grand Opening

I was really looking forward to this Grand Opening.   Bill and Beau have set up a fantastic box and have built up a strong cadre of athletes practically overnight.   It was also a chance to catch up with old friends who train at different boxes but there to celebrate the occasion.

Celebration WOD 
3 Rounds
21 Box Jumps 24/20
15 Thrusters 95/65
9 Pull Ups

It was no surprise that this was a very well organized and run event.   The first heat went off at 11am and my heat was the 2nd to last of the day.  Bill and Beau did a nice job matching up competitors and hooked me up by including Lonnie Attaman in my heat.  Lonnie was one of the 20 Athletes in the  45-50 year old Masters Division to qualify for the finals!  He entered the competition in 20th place and moved up to 6th place overall against top caliber competition.   I felt like this was  good test for me.  It was great to go head to head with Bubba at the Garage Games and now Mr Ataman.   

12:40 Heat
1. *John Durocher
2. *Barb Fain
3. *Lonnie Ataman
4. *Mike Golden
5. Caitlin Golden
6. Alison Nilan
7. Rachel Rose
8. Kathy Langen

It is always good to go towards the end as you at least know the score that has to be beaten. I think it was either 6:15 or 6:30. I choose a spot with my back to the rest of the competitors so I would just focus on me and only know where I stood once we got to the pull-up section. A good first round put me neck and neck with Lonnie. Box jumps were definitely Not easy. I need to work those a lot more. Maybe some Tabata box jumps next week. 2nd round I think I broke up the Thrusters. Pull-ups no problem once I took a quick breath. 3rd round labored thru box jumps and had to break up thrusters 7, 4 - 4. Pullups - 9 straight! Broke 6 minutes 5:55. Which at the point was fastest for the day.

I was completely wrecked. I mean worse than that time I blew up on Fran which unfortunately was video taped. My head was throbbing and it was all i could do to breathe. It took me close to 15 minutes before I could really stand and function.


Now that was over it was time for the main attraction.  The final heat had some real studs - John Mcevoy &  Mike Power who both made it to the final 18 in the garage games,  Paul Teehan who won the Turkey Throwdown and Marc Vigneau who was on the Crossfit Cynergy team for the regionals.  Think about the talent in the room for a friendly wod for a grand opening.  It makes you think how far crossfit has come in 6 years. 

As predicted it what an epic battle.  It came down to McEvoy and Teehan with Paul T winning by just a few seconds.  Marc Vigneau finished shortly after and Power rocked it even though he had a strained hamstring.  As you can see from the photo the shirts are off and boys mean business.   The crowd went nuts when Mcevoy stripped his off in the 2nd round.  In fact I saw two women scurry over to get a better look at Teehan.  They certainly fared no better in the post wod pain category.  They were both wrecked.   The key difference is that they were both up in just a few minutes and ready for whatever was next.  Anybody know where I can find the fountain of youth?

Total Carnage

Friday, December 2, 2011

True Rest Day

No travel today!  Took a rest day.   I have been using the Lark sleep monitor as a way of getting a better understanding how much sleep I was really getting.   The data has told me its even worse than I thought.

Over the past month im not even getting 6 hours a night.  This will be the Achilles heal in my training.  Sleep and recovery is so important in order to make any gains.  I will really need to work on this.  The challenge of balancing job, family and training is not easy.  I would bet that no one qualified for the Crossfit Games with this poor a sleep program.   Would like to see how it compares to others.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Strength Day - OHS and MU's

Excited to be back in the gym this morning.   I went to the gym between classes so I could focus on strength training, specifically a big weakness of mine the overhead squat.  

Warm Up

Midline stability -Plank on boxes with  70lb kettlebell suspended from waist.  4 rounds 30sec to 1 min

OHS Squats

45lb bar (15)
95lbs (10)
115lbs (10)
135 (5)
155 (2)
175 (1)
175 (1)
195 (F)
195 (F)  both times I was very close.  I can do that weight for sure

3 Sets of Max Muscle Ups – Rest 2 Min Between Sets
Round 1 - 10 reps
Rounds 2  - 3 reps
Round 3 - 5 Reps