Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Crossfit Acadia

Once again the Crossfit community shows its true colors.  Programming called for a 70lb KB and I only had a 53lber.   Sent a message to Nick Birdsall the owner and head trainer at Crossfit Acadia who I have been messaging with for 2 years to ask him I could come in and do my own WOD.  Nick not only said yes but ended up doing the 10min AMRAP with me.  Amazing.   Crossfit Acadia has great space and all of the equipment well laid out and organized.  Highly recommend stopping in for a wod if you are up visiting Acadia National Park. 

I joined the group for the mobility and warm-up.
2 rounds 
25 double unders
10 OHS -barbell
10 Good Mornings
10 Push Ups
10 Mountain Climbers
10 Windshield Wipers
10 Scorpions 
A) Snatch Grip DL -@3110- 5-5-5-5-5 - rest 3 mins 
Set the timer up to ensure that I was hitting the tempo and did a much better job this time around even if I dont have an video footage to prove it!
135lbs - 5 reps
135lbs - 5 reps
185lbs - 5 reps
205lbs - 5 reps
225lbs- 5 reps
245lbs - 5 reps
285lbs - 4 reps plus 1 rep.   Wondered why this got really hard. I had extra 10lb weight on the right side.

BarBell Good Morning - 3 sets of 12
10min AMRAP 
3 KBS@70
6 Dips 
9 Burpees

Felt good at everything except the dips.   Was matching Nick's pace thru the first 5 rounds and then the dips broke down significantly.  I had to break them all down which slowed everything down significantly.   

8 Rounds 3 Swings, 2 dips.
Nick crushed it into the round of 10.

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