Thursday, July 31, 2014

Jerks & OHS/C2B Wod

Jerk Practice
(from rack)

Lots of good lifts at 135lbs.   Got sloppy at 185lbs. 

 4 Rounds For Time
15-OHS 95/65
Int:5 Rounds

Time = 9:10

I did all of the OHS unbroken.   Had to break up the C2Bs. 

This evening I had my first Muscle Activation Therapy (MAT) treatment with Spencer Larsen.   Spencer Larsen, a 6 year NFL Veteran, was drafted by the Denver Broncos in 2008 following a prestigious college career at Arizona where he earned First-Team All PAC-10 honors as a senior.  He is an amazing great guy!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Beach run

Considered making the trek over to Crossfit Blaze until I saw the posted  strength wod which called for  back squats.  No need to do squats 2 days in a row for strength. Opted to get out and just do a run on the beach,  Man was that a lot harder than I expected it to be.  I was sucking wind big time.  I was hoping it was because it was hot but it just may be  I am in really crappy running shape.  

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Better than it looked

I didnt like the looks of the wod when I read it and even contemplated driving over to Craicwood.  But after some reflection I decided I didnt need to go do something harder I could make this hard enough to get some benefit.  The only switch I would make is to do the bent over rows with 1 Dumbell vs holding one and rowing with the other.  

Hard Warm up but I liked it.

200m run
10 db sntch l
10 db sntch r
100m db run l
100m db run r
10 Burpees
200m run

-DB Front Squat
-Stand DB Bent Over Row Alt.
Rest 3mins
1:30 of UNBROKEN effort
Score= Lowest total round + DB Weight

Round 1 with 40lb  dumbells - 66 reps
Round 2 wih 45lb dumbells - 44 reps
Round 3  with 50lb dumbells 37 reps
Round 4 with 50lb dumbells 40 reps
round 5  with 55lb dumbells 39 reps

Monday, July 28, 2014


Strength work. Feels like the first time in months.

1rm Press
160 - 15lbs off max
1rm Push Press
 195 -   205 but ended up jerking it.
3xMax Effort

Rd 1 - 55
Rd 2 - 30
Rd 3 - 25

Confirmed that I have gotten weaker.   Trade-off of doing all of the aerobic work.   Im feeling faster and my cycling has improved so at this point I am happy.  

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mega Ride

Morning ride with Tom & George.  I expected it to be around 45-50 and it ended up being 60!  Feeling good all the way thru although I limited my time at the front.   Road over to Concord and did a loop over there and then back.  Picked up a guy in Wellesly who joined us for the majority of the ride.   George is very strong.  Tom was hurting after the Friday Wod and a big day the day before.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Visitor Day @ Camp Wigwam

It was great to see Tris.  Its been 4 weeks since we dropped him off and at this point I am no ready for him to be out of the house.  I wasnt sure what to expect of Parents day but we all had a blast.    Some free time to see all the activities they do then we did a Decathlon of events - Soccer - Check,  Baseball- Check.  Lax - check.  Archery - check and I still suck at Basketball.  The Waterskiing Exhibition was amazing as well as the talent show.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Double 10 min AMRAP

Running so far behind today that i had to jump over the fence to get to class on time.   Lightly attended COD class on the ladies side.   The Stalwarts of 5am were there and ready to go - Klein, Anthony, Dennis M, Dennis O and Jaime Farnum.

20-Deadlifts 135/95

Rest 10mins

200m Run
10-Hand Release Pushups

Went head to head with Anthony and I thought with the pace he was setting early in the WOD he would run away from the field.    I managed to keep it close and pull ahead in the final minutes.

The 2nd WOD went the same way.  Anthony built up a big lead and it took me awhile to bring him back.   I ended up closing him down on the return of one of the 200m runs and put an extra burst on to see if I could create any gap,

Fun WODs all around.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Half Ass

5:30am class.  Did the hard part which is rolling out of bed at that hour.   The scheduled programming wasn't something thing that inspired me or something that I was excited about at all.   I was even struggling putting in the effort for the simple warm up of lunges, kettlebell squats and scorpions.   Jarrod made it easy and assigned groups for the back squats.  This simple 1 rep max took a long time time.   So long in fact that the 6:30 class started when I began my max pullups.   I went after Anthony did his set.  He knocked out 39. 

A)Back Squat 1rep max
 - 285lbs

B)Max Effort Pullups (kipping)
- 37 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

2 minute drill

Warm up
400m run
6 min AMRAP
5 burpees
10 KB Swings
15 Double Unders

Followed by a Brutal 2 minute drill.  This was one that I couldnt do all out without building some rest period in.

2Mins-Double Unders
2Mins-Power Cleans @185lbs

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tempo Ride

It was such a perfect day that I was excited to get out and get a ride in.  Im hoping to do that as much as possible during the week as I can.  Not as a supplement to the crossfit Wods but just because I like riding.   Feeling much more energetic than I did during the morning class.   I was hoping that the jersey and shorts I ordered from offshore had arrived since it was so warm.  The package was at the door but only included the bib shorts not the no sleeve jersey - bummer.

Pretty much rode at a high tempo.  Certainly the best ride of the summer. 

Perceived exertion high - Output the same

I was absolutely dragging this morning at the gym.   I wasnt even sure how I was going to get thru the wod without completely passing out.   Nice warm up helped alot but both the row and run were harder than they should have been.

3 Position Band work
sprint training with resistance bands

Row 500m
Run 400m
Rest 4mins
Last round time

 Round 1 - 3:58 row - 1:44
Round 2  - 3:59  row 1:42.1
Round 3 - 3:46  row 1:42.2
Round 4 - 3:44 row 1:47.1

The row was much harder than it should have been. This is a wod that was suppose to be progressively faster.  Clearly I couldn't deliver break-thru faster, more like marginally faster.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Travel Day & Rest Day

Got up just before 5am and hit the road so I was in the office at a decent time.  Productive all the way down to Boston with my first call in the books at 6am.   It was tough to leave as it was shaping up to be another beautiful day in NEH.

Day Break at Upper Hadlock

Tobin Bridge with Boston looming ahead

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cadillac North Trail Time Trial

After reviewing a number of segments last night I decided that I should try to improve my time up the North Summit.   As I remembered it from last month it was too steep and it seemed runnable.  What I had forgotten about are quite a few sections of rubble.   I was pushing it and my heart rate was up but it was clear there was no way i was going to beat the top of the leader board.  I was hopefully going to land in the top 5.  When I got home and down loaded the data I found out I have a long ways to go for top 5 even though I took 7 minutes off of my time.

High Suffer Score!

Body Strength work:

5 Rounds of 25 Push-Ups and 30 Sit-Ups

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dorr Mt Time Trial

Leisurely pace this morning meant we didnt hit the trail till after 10:30.   I was able to convince Susie and Jack to join me which always makes it better.  Jack was checking off another summit with the vest.    As soon as I hit the trail my heart rate was in the 150's and it climbed as much as 170.   Pushed it hard but couldn't beat the ladder trail ascent time not the Schiff Ascent.  I don't think its possible to crush both of them at the same time.   If you hammer the ladder trail you have nothing left in the tank for the upper Schiff trail. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Double Travel Day

Flew back from Toronto this morning and went straight to the office.   Drove up to Maine in the late afternoon.    No training but did get in a lot of miles in planes and Cars.

Billy Bishop Airport Rocks - Beautiful Morning

Maine Sky is awesome
Hit Trenton just in time for sunset

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rest Day

Still in Toronto.  Forced rest day as the meeting started super early. My legs could use the rest anyways.  Last night I looked at Masters results from Opens and it just reinforced that I am regressing.  Very depressing....

14.1 Re-Do

30-Double Unders
15-Ground 2 Overhead (Snatch or Clean & Jerk)

Partnered with Andy Munch.   The Double Unders went well with only 1 round with 2 misses.   Way to slow on the G2OH.   Bar got heavy fast.  

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Some like it Hot

Nice and humid this morning,  Easy to get warm and sweaty even before the WOD.  A far cry from February mornings.

15-Goblet Squats
Rest 5mins
x2 (Same Score)
Round 1 - 3 rounds plus 15 and 100m
Round 2 - 3 rounds plus 15 and 150m

Not the best WOD when your legs are still trying to recover.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Travel Day - Recovery

Drove home from Maine.  Left at 5:30am.   Rest Day.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Beech Cliff Trail to Fire Tower

This was the last hike that Jack needed to check off all 28 peaks in Acadia National Park.  Not a bad achievement considering it took me a hell of a lot longer.  

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Goat Trail Time Trial

I was planning on taking a break from hiking this afternoon but Susie wanted me to join her and Jack so I jumped in.   They were going to do Brown Mt up and back via the Goat Trail.  I wanted to see how fast I could do the goat trail up so I was completely game.   Pushed the pace and it was hard. I thought I was well off the course record so I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that I had beaten the old course record.

Long Hike Ocean Side

I was able to get Jack out of bed today to join Tom and I for a Multiple peak hike on the Ocean side.   We parked at the parking lot at the end of Otter Cliff Road.   This was just a short hike to the trail head for Gorham Mt.  I had been up to Gorham but had never done the trail from Gorham to Champlain.   The trip up to Champlain was great.   It had a least 4 false summits which made for an interesting pace as we all jockeyed for position to get to the top first.   Jack summited Gorham first,  I took Champlain with 2nd place hotly contested and then Tom narrowly beat out Jack on the back side of Beehive.