Thursday, July 19, 2012

Squat Cleans and Muscle Ups

Warm up - 600m Run
Burgener Warm-Up

Squat Cleans  5-5-3-3-2-2
Warmup 95 (5) and 135 (5)


Here is the footage of 2nd set and last set

When I looked at the WOD I wasnt that concerned about the 115lb squat clean but I was concerned about the Muscle Ups.   Not that I cant do them but was concerned how my arm would hold up as it had been bothering me.  I prepared for the worst and made a column for 1 rep rounds but thankfully didnt need it.  In fact I was faster after the 3rd round and had no problem even though my rings were in the garden and the weights were in the garage.

OTM 15min 

2 HQ SQ CLN @115lbs 
2 MU's 

15 rounds completed!  Not sure if I have ever done 30 Muscle-Ups for time. Now at least I have a time.   Just need to chop 13 minutes off it to get in Jerry Hill range.

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