Sunday, January 8, 2012

Florian Snatch Practice

Just over 6 weeks out until the Crossfit Open competition begins. I will really try to focus on technique and goats for here on it. I wont be able to make any significant strength gains at this point so Im better off getting more efficient. Today was all about that.
Snatch Skills - Doing 3 to 5 reps at a weight that might come up in a compeition - between 75 and 95lbs.
WOD - 3 min drill
Row 500M and then
Max Snatch @ 75lbs
This went really well. For the 500 Row I was in the high 1:30's to low 1:40's and then slowed at the end so i could hit the snatches straight away. Got 21 in about 1:10. I think if I do this one again I will do 300m row and then 21-15-9 of snatche

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