Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Double WOD to celebrate my birthday

First WOD was WOD 2 of the WODCLUB Open Crossfit Competition.  This one is interesting as it is all about weight moved.   You have to find that perfect balance of speed with the right level of weight.  I warmed up with 135lbs and knew that would be too heavy for me as I would start to fatigue and with a 2 minute time frame you couldnt slow down. I ended up going 115lbs.  Would like to try it again.

This workout was the WODClub Open WOD 1 time on 01/07/2012
In two minutes do reps of for total pounds moved:
You choose the weight and multiply it by total reps for total score.
1 deadlift
1 clean
1 front squat
1 push press/jerk
(back rack)
1 back squat
1 back rack press/jerk.
Each round is 6 reps, score is total reps multiplied by the weight(including bar) in pounds.

Its a modified bear complex, but all movements can flow,

Tonight I shut down a bit early and joined my wife for WOD 2 of the day over at the Craic house.

Strength: 30mins to find a 5RM Deadlift for the day

My back is holding up well so I pushed it a little further today. 
135 (10) Warm-up
185 (5)
225 (5)
255 (5)
285 (5) all done without reverse grip
315 (5)
345 (5)
365 (5)

6min AMRAP
6 Deadlifts 155/105
6 Knees to elbows
6 Burpees

Susie counted for me so all I had to do was just keep moving.  7 rounds plus 8 reps

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