Sunday, January 1, 2012

1st workout of the year - Open Gym at Florian

Dropped in at Florian for my first workout of 2012.   Really beat down.  My upper body is a mess - triceps, chest and shoulders are smoked.    Focus was on working on some goats.  Overhead Squats, and then tuning the muscle ups and double unders as they have really come a long way this year.

Overhead Squats 5x5
115 (5)
135 (5)
165(4)  Bar came to far forward and had to dump it
I backed down to work on jerking it into place on the advice of Bill.  It was nice that he was watching and ready to give me some pointers.

155 (5)

WOD - after talking it over with Bill we decided on an AMRAP 8
2 Muscle-ups
30 Double Unders

In the warm up the muscle ups were harder than I expected them to be.  Clearly im still not recovered from the last few workouts.    You can hear in the video Bill suggesting I reduce the AMRAP time and rep scheme since I am at failure pretty quickly. Im hoping that in the next week im back on track as I banged out 10 straight just a month ago. Im not panicking yet but I will soon.

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Tony No Bread said...

Kudos for you for dragging your butt into Florian. My first WOD of the year is crushing beers while I watch football...

and that is the reason why I still can't do any muscle ups.

Happy New Year!