Friday, January 6, 2012

Finally Healthy but still discouraged

As I noted the other day i continue to feel better but there has been a big drop off in my strength.   Tonights workout looked like this:

20mins to find a 3RM Shoulder press for the day – This will likely not be your true 3RM
7min AMRAP
5 Power Clean 115/85
6 Push Press 115/85
7 Burpees

The 3RM press was just sad, in fact worse than sad - lets try pathetic.    I went 95, 115, and then couldnt get 3 at 135.   Are you kidding me.  I hit 145 five times last month.   Looks like this goat will be a focus every other day for the next month.

The WOD went better - 6 rounds plus 1 rep.

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