Tuesday, January 25, 2011

WODS O Plenty

I have never been more excited about my training than over the past month or so.  I feel like I am really finding time to work on my weaknesses and mixing in enough Crossfit Endurance Workouts and two a days.

I am just coming over a 6 day cycle and I am still feeling pretty fresh.   I wouldnt recommend 6 straight days but I wanted to get the work in while I could as I am on the road this week with a crazy schedule - Late night flight that doesnt land until after midnight PST (3am ET) and then the next few days start with 7am meetings and the whole thing is caped off with a red-eye home. 

I have come across a few wods that I really want to do in the next few days.   The first came from my colleague Sean Urban - The Widow Maker -20 straight back squats - you can rest but not put the weight down. The other is something Kettlebell Rob had posted -

‎"Crossfit Total Devastation" is a variation of the “CrossFit Total”. The “CrossFit Total” focuses on a 1 rep max effort on each movement. This variation focuses on max amount of reps in 10 minutes with a 5 minute rest in between efforts. This variation turns a Strength Movement into a Met Con.

TODAYs Workout

5X20 of toes to bar or knees to elbows

1x20, 1x20, 1x15 & 1x5, 1x15 & 1x5 and then 1x10 & 1&7 & 1x3

Ring Dips

10 reps - bodyweight

10 reps - 20lbs

5 reps - 35 lbs

5 reps 35 lbs

5 reps 35lbs

10 reps body weight

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