Thursday, January 20, 2011

Areas for Improvement

After reading Johnny Irish's blog about doing a rowing version of Tosh I knew I had to do it.   Rowing is an area that I have improved in but i have left myself much room for growth.   Wifey is under the weather so my morning schedule was limited by having to make the trek to Chestnut Hill to drop the kids at school. The mission was to get Tosh in before my first meeting.  For those who dont know Tosh - he is very evil.  It is 200m, 400, 600, 3 rounds with your rest the equivalent of your work.   On the rower John had gone with 250, 500 and 750.   After some quick math I realized that at best I was getting two rounds in. 

200m  :41, 42
500m 1:47, 1:58
750m 2:58 , 2:58

Consistent - but not nearly fast enough.   With that under my belt the workday flew by and I headed to do my second workout of the day. Warm-Up 3X10 Dips.    Will do these everyother day till I improve. 

Since it was a rowing WOD John had us work in heats.   Dave C and I were selected to do the WOD first and then do our strength workout.   Most people tend to go out to hard on the row and burn themselves out.  This was most likely going to me as well, after I looked at the times on the board and figured out that  it would take an avg round of 3:20 to get close to Bill's time of 10:10.   First 500 felt good it was a 1:33.   The Deadlifts at 185 werent bad either.  Then I went to jump to the box and my legs said no f**ing way.   A crash into the box on the first rep is never a good omen.  The next two rounds my row slowed down to 1:57 and 2:09.  From there it was just trying to hold it together.
FINAL TIME 12:07.    Need to get at least 1 ROW wod in a week.

Strength Work = Deadlifts 3x5
Now I was feeling pretty torched after Christine  but the good news was I was loose and warmed up.  
Round 1 - 5 reps at 275
Round 2 - 5 reps at 325
Round 3 5 reps at 325
I opted to do another round at 325 and got them all touch and go.  Next time we have DL's I want to up that to 365.

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