Friday, January 14, 2011

Double Down - Chasing Bubba

I have been really thinking about the new masters ages and even though I am a year away from qualifying I am really pumped.  This 45-50 age group is full of cyborgs.   I have been training next to a few of them the last couple of years,  Everyone knows Big Bri after winning the masters competition at he games last year.  I will be shocked if everyone doesnt know Bubba Hagood come July.  Look at these recent performances:
  • Elizabeth - 6:30!
  • Angie: 14:02 Rx 
 These times are no joke as everyone knows Ben Bergeron demands full and complete range of motion.  Bubba is training like a mad man.  If I want any chance of staying close to him I will have to pick up my game and really double down on my weaknesses.

So last night I walked back over to Crossfit Craic for round 2.   (Having the gym so close is awesome.)  Coach John had done Elizabeth earlier in the day as well as the gang at CFNE so I had a lot of metrics. Elizabeth combines two areas that I need to improve my form and strength in -  cleans and dips.  After a good warm-up it was the familiar 3.2.1...go.   It was a drastic improvement on the dips from a year ago.  Even the cleans were better, not great but better.  Having good form in the cleans makes a huge difference.  You can really wear yourself out pulling that bar as opposed to getting under it.  My time was 9:46 = This is a huge improvement over the 12:48 I put up back in '09.


Kevin Daigle said...

Nice JD! Solid work.

Bubba Hagood said...

Johnny D - WTF, I'm always chasing you! I'd better do well this year before you get into the masters division :)