Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Usually things are easier when you have help

Im fully recovered from that bout with the flu which is a good thing.  I lost 2 days of training because of that and then Tuesday was a travel day and jammed worked day and work dinner.   These are the challenges I need to deal with in my programming.  

I have a CFNE buddy who is now working in NYC during the week, so i had sent him a message to see if he wanted to work out and whether he was found a convenient crossfit gym to midtown.   Jack was enthusiastic to get together to workout but had not found a crossfit box that had the right hours or location.  So we met at the Equinox gym in Grand Central.  He suggested an early start to avoid working thru the crowds.  Now Jack is another one of these freaks of nature.  51 years old - strong as an ox and can bust wods like a 20 year old.  I knew I had to bring my A game to stay with him.   We did a some rowing and mobility work before we hit a wod off of the CFNE site.

“Adrenaline Shot”
21-15-9 Reps for time of:
Dumbbell Hang Squat Cleans (40, 30)

Jack and I staked out our spots and hit it 3,2,1 go...   First round of DHSC I was slightly ahead.  Now as I mentioned Jack is as strong as ax and he was moving that DB like it was a pom pom.  We hammered through the second set neck and neck,  Hit the third set and I had to put the DB down and it cost me.  He used that advantage to hold me off.  My time was 7:55 and Jack did a 7:53.  No way i do that workout that hard without someone to go head to head with.  That is what I love about crossfit.

We did things backward and then did some strength work.   First 3 rounds of Deadhang pull-ups 15-10-7 and then 3 rounds of dips 10-9-7.  Need to keep hitting those.

Jack thanks or hosting me.  Lets hope that Rebook opens a nice big box somewhere in midtown.  That would be really cool.

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