Saturday, January 22, 2011


I was cleaning up my desktop a few weeks ago and came across a PDF file I had saved to read later.  I finally took the time to print it out and read on my next flight.  By the way  I generally have lots of books and files stored away while traveling so that if I get delayed or stranded somewhere I will have plenty to do.

The article "Confessions of a Steroid Addict" was a fascinating read.   Its mind boggling that someone can go from 150lbs to 200lbs practically overnight.   That said the story line was what you would expect - huge gains, and then a dramatic crash back with some serious health implications.  I can undersand the allure- who wouldnt like to improve dramtically.  At the end of the day its all about your personal genetics and how much work your willing to put in.  Check out the story for yourself.  Confession of a Steriod Adddict

I was excited for todays workout as the team wods are always more fun.  There is nothing better than sharing the pain and the success with a small group.   Even better because this was going to be my fourth day in a row.  I just hate to do a rest day when my schedule will allow me to train.

When I got to class everything changed.  It was just three of us and I really didnt want to force the others thru a workout with an additional 50 reps for a three person team so I decided to go solo.  The other fun part was that everyone had to choose a team name, Johnny Irish picked mine for me and I thought it was spot on.

WOD: “Team Ramrod” 
100 wall balls
100 pull-ups
100 sit ups
100 Burpees 
WOD will run in 2 minute cycles.

 I tried not to think too much about the fact that there were 100 wall balls and burpees.  The 2 minute cycle was actually a good thing.  If you could pace your self the changing of movements could help you just dieseling through it.  

Here is how the wod went:

Wall Balls - 53, 30, 17
Pullups - 35, 31 24
Situps - 64, 46
Burpees 27, 30, 43 Since this was the last exercise the 2 minute limited was gone and I just had to keep moving.  Since the other group was done it was just me and the burpees.  Did I mention this was the third WOD with burpees in the last 4 days?   Did I mention that I am pathetically slow at Burpees?  Never the worry in a crossfit box - Sarah appeared and didnt allow me to slow down or rest.  She was right there encouraging me along.   The last 10 were probably my fastest as I finally got dialed in.   Final Time - 21:58

The boys have rockclimbing on Saturdays so I usually stretch or practice some of the Oly lifts.  Today I decided to do a variation of what CFNE had posted on their Competitor WOD. 
Four Round of intervals at 10mph.
Round 1 - 1:30 at 10% inclince
Round 2 - 1:00 at 5% incline
Round 3 - 1:00 at 5% incline
Round 4 - 1:00 at 0 incline

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