Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Planning Ahead

The week of no travel has ended and I have to got MSP tomorrow. I have really been a nice groove. Especially staying Paleo since I got home. This trip messes up my On/rest plan but I will work around it.

Do you ever open the browser to check tomorrows wod? Well today I got an email with a message regarding Sundays WOD. Sundays have been special sessions that I am considering as games ready practice. Last week we did Bull and this week we do Fran. Bull clearly messed with my mind last week and Fran will but in a different way. With Bull I was clearly worried whether I could do 60 OHS. Fran is just thinking about how to drive through intense pain and the need to not stop! My PR is nothing to write home about compared to the Firebreathers, butI would love to shave a few seconds off.

Yesterday CFNE did a few more of their Paleo Benchmarks - the mile and a 2 min drill. This is where the power of a big box full of top notch athletes can really help A huge pack of antelopes pulls the rest of the group along on this run for sure. Some great scores for the 2 min drill - I want to try that one out.


Handstands and Hand Stand Pushups

Kettlebell Cleans - need work on my KB skills


Since I did deadlifts on Monday I did a WOD which was on the main site on Monday

3 rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
30 Overhead squats, 75 pounds
21 Pull-ups

Coach John and Glenn did it earlier in the day so I had something to shoot for. The time to beat was 12:27.

Round 1 - Felt good on first run 1:25 and the first round was fast - 3:20
Round 2 - Started the 2nd run and nothing was working (gassed and legs gone) Managed a 2min 400. The rest of round 2 took 2:48 total - 8:15
Round 3 - This run felt better probably because I was crawling 2:20(thats not even an 8 min mile pace) 2:41 to finish the round which is cool. TOTAL time - 13:18

I could taste the blood in my lungs after that.

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