Sunday, January 9, 2011


Say "Fran" to a crossfitter and you sure to get a strong reaction.   This has been on the calendar for a few days but I have been good not let it get in my head.   With a workout like Fran there is a tendency to really overthink it.   I find that I have done best when I just go and do it.   That said I was anxious just like I used to get before any college soccer game.  I think this is normal and actually useful if you can channel the energy properly.

There were suppose to be 4 of us doing the WOD but sickness and an upcoming competition limited to me and Coach John.   By the way I think Coach John should have some crossfit nickname like Craic John or Irish John or Shamrock John,   I wonder if I can get any of those to stick?   I suggested since it was just the two of us we shouldnt do it at the same time.  This way you dont have to even count all you need to do is do.  Its amazing how hard counting can be when all your blood is pumping everywhere but to your brain.

John elected to go first and hit it hard pressing straight through the first set of 21 Thrusters and Pull-ups.  His PR going in was 3:48 and he was on target to smash that.   John worked through the next round without slowing down much at all.   At this point Sarah and I are go crazy - screaming and cheering to give it everything as there are only  9  reps to go.   John's final time was 3:19,  He took 29 seconds off his time,  Amazing.

Now I was up and the bar was set very high.   The last time I did Fran was close to 8 months ago and I hit a PR of 3:42.   I made sure that I was good and warmed up, jacked the heart rate up a few times and recovered.   Then it was down to 3, 2, 1 go .....   First round of Thrusters and Pull-ups straight through.  The second round I got 15 Thrusters not straight through but I didn't put the bar down and then into the pull-ups which I were a combination of kipping and butterfly. Down to the last 18 reps.   I had to put the bar down after 5 reps of Thrusters and then I made it through the pullups.  Final Time 3:35 a new PR.  I was very happy with that.   John and Sara told me I was ahead of John's pace through the second round.  I think I would benefit from doing some heavy thrusters and really focusing on my butterfly pull-ups.

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