Thursday, January 27, 2011

Running in the Basin

There was no way to do a crossfit work today between the 7am meeting and the typical substandard hotel gym.  So I met up with Dean Five Fingers and Dave Dempsey to do an early 5 miler.   Now I havent done a run that wasnt in the middle of some other crossfit workout in a long time.  It felt great to start the run not feeling beaten down or out of energy.    I convinced the boys to head towards the China Basin versus Fisherman's warf.  I really like to go in the direction away from the normal path.  I wonder how much it will change when our company starts construction on our new campus.

Dave Dempsey Race Commentator at the Dublin Marathon 2010
I have been following Dean's training and knew he was rounding into form for the Big Sur Marathon.  He also told me the training plan called for an easy 5 miler.   The wild card in this group was Dave.   I had no idea that he was an avid runner until the night before.  When I finished my interrogation I had learned that Dave had been a guest pacer in the Bay to Breakers and escorted the great Rod Dixon to a 4:20 final mile and new course record and that his marathon debut in Boston was a blistering 2:40.  Clearly Dave was a force to be reckoned with on the roads.   I have become so used to running in the discomfort zone I found myself gradually moving into that place.  This gradual increase in pace was easily matched by Dave which I guess perpetuated the acceleration.   Now at this point Im sure Dean was thinking these guys are nice turning an easy 5 miler into some kind of harder training run.   I finished hard to the Ferry building and did a nice cool down back to the St Regis.   It was a great way to start the day and the legs felt good aside from a slight tightening of my right hamstring. 

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