Monday, January 31, 2011


Congratulations to Johnny Irish and Fireman Bill for their performances in the Crossfit Relentless Throwdown in Hartford on Sunday.   John took 3rd and Bill placed 9th.  This wods were brutal - Fran, 1 rep max Clean and Jerk, 5k Meter ROW (Ackk!) and 1 rep max Deadlift. 

I also want to say congrats to my wife who has just started doing crossfit and nailed her first double under on her first try.   That is just not fair considering how long it took me to figure out how to do them!

Im trying to get in a double today.  John and I conferred and as much as I wanted to lift he felt it was better if I did an endurance wod in so that is what i did.   I have always been a bit resistant to outside coaching but I have put my trust in John to get me ready for qualifiers.   There is a lot to work on - clean and jerks, dips, HSPU's, burpees, box jumps etc...

TOSH 3 rounds of
250m - 48, 55, 52
500m 1:42, 1:52, 156
750m 2:50, 2:55, 2:53

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