Friday, January 14, 2011

String them together

The biggest challenge that I have with staying on top of my training is being able to string days or hours together.   What I mean by that is that my programming is consistently challenged by my work travel schedule.   If I have a 6am flight and the day ends with some kind of dinner or other event my opportunity to train on that day is shot.   The other challenge that goes along with that is getting adequate sleep.  In order to make sure I get a workout in I have to get up extra early which I know most crossfitters do, but its tough when the day doesnt end until close to midnight.

Here is a good article on the topic - Stress, the Business Traveler and Corporate Health

Since I did a double session yesterday and plan on working out both Saturday and Sunday I needed to be smart about the movements and things I worked on today.    Decided with Coach John that weighted pull-ups and Annie would be good but not to brutal. 

Weighted Dead Hang Pullups  5X5 (35lbs)   probably could have gone a little heavier

Next up Annie,  The key to this WOD is not messing up, You really need to string the double unders together.    I absolutely crushed this while in Vegas a year ago, one of those rare times when you hit all of the double unders consecutively.  Today was not that day.   I started and got to 25 and the rope broke.  ABORT ABORT.   Nothing like having a grove and then having to fix the rope and then start over.   2nd time through all kinds of misses left and right.   Sit-ups were fine, all chest to knees.  Time was 7minutes flat.

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