Friday, January 21, 2011

The brilliance of Manny Ramirez

The late night work out followed by the early morning workout in my mind is harder than back to back workouts  Your body hasn't had the chance to recover but it has had the time to get sore and tight.    

Strength: Cleans 
This is a movement I am really trying to dial in.  Didn't go to heavy at all but tried to increase my efficiency.  Was working at 80% of my max which is only 155.  
I cant wait for Johnny Irish to start naming his WODs so that its easier to find them to see how you compare.  Ben and Heather Bergeron use drink names which I think is absolutely brilliant.  The result of the WOD and the drink is the equivalent - your lying on the floor in your own, sweat, vomit and urine.

5 rounds
5 Squat Clean 135
7 Burpees
9 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

My first round was blazing - I felt great on the Squat Cleans and even better on the burpees.  Chest 2 Bar slowed me downtown but still a good round. Right around 1 minute.  Im thinking cool this will be awesome.   The second round is always the round of reckoning.   All the movements you just did seem to require 100% more.  The weight feels heavier, you cant catch your breath and the clock seems like it is in hyperspeed.   This is the time to stop participating in the debate that is occurring between your body and your brain.  If you are able to check out of that conversation and just keep moving - its all good.  
 While this stuff is spinning around in  your  pumpkin,  your suddenly snapped back into the present by a  strong suggestion from Johnny Irish  to "pick up or get back on the bar".   Historically this is where I would have been thrown back into the ongoing debate and joined the brains side of the battle.  "Doesn't he know Im giving everything?",  "Wouldn't I have done one more rep if I could?".   The good news is that I have adopted a new strategy for when Johnny Irish is urging me.  I immediately join the body's side of the argument.  The body is saying just let me keep going, I can do one more, its what i was built to do. I have concluded that the dumber you are the more successful you can be at least in sports.  How else can you explain Manny Ramirez's success.   In all seriousness he doesn't seem to dwell on his mistakes he just operates in the now.   Its a good idea.
When it all came crashing to an end my time was 9:29.    A time certainly crushed later that morning by Johnny Irish.  
Its fitting that I wrote this and then opened another browser to find this headline. The Tampa Bay Rays have reportedly reunited former teammates Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez.
I have decided to get a climbing rope for my back yard.   I figure it can double as a swing for the kids and from time to time I can hit it for a wod.  If anyone has any suggestion on how to attach it to the tree let me know.   Rope Climbing

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