Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cloak of Destruction

I was bummed last weekend to have missed the Sunday training session with Johnny Irish and Fireman Bill.   Now one of the really great things about crossfit is the chance to get to know the folks who serve our communities as Firefighters, EMTs and Policemen.  These folks are hard working, humble and always super nice. 

In preparation of these Sunday sessions I had searched high and low for some really nasty wods.   I sent a number to Johnny Irish for review.   When I got to the gym the debate was still on, running was off given the streets are full of snow and the temp was about 10degrees but everything else was up for selection.  It was quickly sorted out that we would start a row and then follow it with a couplet.  A few more back and forths  regarding movements and weight (body weight) and Cloak of Destruction was born.

Cloak of Destruction
Cloak of Destruction
1000m row
10 reps of C&J's
750 Row
8 reps of C&J
8 reps of HSPU
500m row
6 reps of C&J
6 reps of HSPU
250M row
4 reps of C&J
4 reps of HSPU

Weigh In Time
Given we had decided on body weight,  Johnny Irish pulled out the scale and we all weighed in.
John - 195
Bill - 204
me at 174

These are 3 movements that are not in my wheel house at all.  The nice thing was that every round gets  little easier.  I tried to stay close on the first row as I knew that I was the weakest rower of the group.  I jumped off the rower and tried to play catch up and failed on my first rep.  I hadn't recovered enough and picked up the bar to fast to stay with Bill.  After that little learning experience I tried to find the steady pace.   It was a complete slog with the C&J's broken into sets of 1's and 2's.   I looked around every once and awhile to see how the others were doing but mostly I was focused on just doing. 

Final Times:

Johnny Irish - 23:16
Me - 28:09
Fireman Bill - 35:12

Bill had it the hardest in that he had to put up close to 200lb every rep.  That just takes the stuffing out of you.  You never feel better than in the glow of the 10 minutes after the WOD.

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