Friday, January 7, 2011

First flight of the year

Since this blog is called life on the road I had better focus in that a little. The great news on the first trip is the plane was only half full in both directions. In fact I am typing this at 30k feet in a row all to my self. On the way out to Minneapolis the guy behind me talked at his seat mates for the whole flight. The guy furthest away put his noise blocker headset on so he was probably fine but the poor woman next to him, I feel for her. The whole plane was silent aside from this one guy going on an and on about what he did, lawyer but mostly expert witness, as well as everything he knew about sailing and where he had sailed. Clearly if I was next to him I would have been heads down working, that's generally my strategy.

I really enjoy going to Minneapolis as I lived there while on a project for 2 years and had a great experience I arrived to a beautiful sunny day with temps in the low 20's. In had planned to do a meeting and come right home but the last flight wouldn't allow it. that gave me the chance to pay visit to MOA that's not a typo for MOMA. It's the mall of america. I was curious to what kind of shape it would be in as it had just opened when I lived there 18 years ago. I think of malls some what like casinos. They either need to be blown up or upgraded or they fall out of favor. MOA had changed the indoor amusement park had changed a lot.
Let me be clear I'm not a mall or shopping fan but was curious as this type of place is atell tale for culture and vibrancy or direction of a community.

I'm hoping to squeeze in a workout before soccer tonight but not sure if schedule will permit.

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