Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ubiquitous Competitions

It used to be that you would have to wait what felt like 6 months for a throw down to be scheduled but now you can do a competition on a weekly basis.  I'm not talking about a intra-box competition but a virtual global throw down.  I found a link to another one on TJCrossfit when I was trying to see what was up with Triathlete Jeff Peterson whose blog has gone dark.    I really like the structure of the event which has a online event the  Last weekend of each month from February to June.   They also recognize that most folks have jobs, families and other obligations so the scoring is based on best 3 of 5 to see who advances.   Check it out here  - Throwdown Series.   Oh this last one is funny - No ringers - no cash to former CF Games participants.

With this new competition in mind I was torn whether to do the wod from this site or the CFNE WOD Game Day 3 WOD.   I decided in the end to leave it up to Sara and Fireman Bill to see if they had a preference.   Sara already had a plan so she was not joining for either.  Bill was game for either so we decided on the throw down series.   The schedule on my end was tight so this was going to be 20 minute warm-up and then just hit it. 

Event #1: Rx

PART 1 (for time):

50 Wallballs (20#/14#) plus
30 Double Unders;
15 Toes to Bar;
10 Front Squats (135#/95#)


PART 2 (max weight):

1 Rep Max Clean (3 MINUTE TIME LIMIT

My wall balls in the warm up felt great so this was all going to come down to whether the rhythm was there or not.   Sara set the clock and the familiar 3.2.1 go was sounded.  Bill is an excellent training partner for me as we are fairly evenly matched.   I finished the first part in 8:19 and then spent the next 40 seconds resting and adding on weights.  I quickly hit 185,  and on 20lbs and got 2:05.  Now I was running out of time.  Got 5lbers on and hit 215.  Then I realized that when I hit my split time on the watch i had shut it off.   The 215lb lift didnt count as I was 15 seconds over, drat.   Im going to try and get in the CFNE wod sometime this week if possible.

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