Monday, February 21, 2011

Sunday February 20th - Rest Day in Acadia National Park

The Hike Begins

The trek back across

The Adventurers

Lounging on the beach in winter
Acadia National Park is as beautiful in the winter as it is in the summer! Jack, Tristan and I hit the trails to explore the park in the winter.   It was clear that the trails get pretty good usage, with X-country, Snoeshow and hiking boots crisscrossing the path.   As usual Tris was leading the way,  he is a bundle of energy jumping, sliding and floating along the way.  Jack and I were more measured.   I knew Tris was really excited to get to the pond and play on the ice.  The fact that we hadnt brought ice skates was lost on them as they were thrilled to slide around and look for signs of cracking.  Little Long pond was completely frozen solid and we made the trek from one side to the other to prove it.

It was too bad that Susie couldnt come out with us but she was under doctors orders to lay low after the cortisone shot in her hip.  

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Cool pix. It looks beautiful up there.


P.s. Lots more content than the last time I looked.