Thursday, February 3, 2011

Active Recovery

I dont know if you all saw the wod posted on Crossfit Endurance or not but it looked very nasty:

Thursday, 02.03.11: “Peterson’s Ghost 

Run WOD Only  Run:2 x 1 mile rest 3 min between intervals, 2 x 800 rest 2 min between intervals, 2 x 400m rest 90 sec between intervals, Rest 3-5 min,  1 mile TT rest 3 min, 2 x 800 holding 1 mile TT pace -5 sec pace per mile rest 2 min, 2 x 400m holding 1 mile TT pace -10 sec pace per mile .

Jeff Peterson: Miles… 5:01, 4:59 /800′s… 2:25, 2:24 /400′s… 63, 64,    Mile TT 4:46 /    800′s 2:23, 2:21 /

Well Jeff is a guy I met a few summers ago up in Northeast Harbor Maine while we were both on vacation.  Jeff is a fantastic triathlete who has started "Crossfitting" and adhering to the principles of Crossfit Endurance.  This is a big mindset change for most endurance athletes but he is bought in 100%.   He is quickly coming up the learning curve on the OLY lifts, KBS, etc...  He will be a force to be reckoned with.

So the next page I flip to has a feature on Lisa Mikkelsen who is one of the stars over at Crossfit New England.   Lisa is another one of these aerobic machines like Jeff who have quickly picked up Crossfit and regularly crush wods all with a smile on her face. I still think Lisa should spot me some Innov8's since I advertise the brand at every box I visit.

Not suprising is that Jeff and Lisa are as humble and friendly as they come.

My plan for today was to do something that would add my recovery and to get on the dreaded rower.  I started with the Crossfit Endurance Recovery Wod 3X15 of bench press. KBS, GHD's and pullups. 

After that was over I did 3X800 on the Rower.
Round 1 - 2:55 - (rest 3)
Round 2  2:57 (rest 3)
Round 3 3:00 ( rest 3)

That was enough for today. Back at it tomorrow.

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