Wednesday, February 16, 2011


In NYC so I got the chance to train with my Needham neightbor Jack O'Connor.  Its a pretty sad commentary on the strength of business in Boston when so many of us live in Boston but work in NYC.

Jack is a powerhouse crossfitter who continues to slay his goats.  If he keep up his rate of improvement Big Brian will be breathing down his neck for a masters title.

I did a 1000m row warm up and some mobility work and just wanted to put off doing the WOD that Jack had suggested.  It was 100 OHS squats at 95lbs - everytime you put the bar down the penalty was 10 toes to bar.  I was hoping to knock of a big number each set but that didnt happen.   It really taxed my OH strength as much as my legs.  Finished in 7:42.

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