Friday, February 18, 2011

Milestone Friday

Being back at home is always most excellent. Being able to go to Crossfit with my wife is even better. I see you are hijacking your wives personal training session was how I was greeted at the door by a grinning coach Johnny Irish. It is always nice for your home box to be happy to see you. I joined Suz strength plan of 3x5 dead lifts. Just as Susie was about to start Coach J.I. called an audible and told her to hit the bar and do her first pull-up. Susie's reaction was classic, " you mean now?". It was great coaching as she didn't have time to think and ket her get her mind in the way. She walked to the bar and nailed a dead hang pull up. way to go!
After our deadlfts (185, 225, 275, 315, 345) we hit the following WOD.
5 rounds
400m run
10 thrusters (95lbs)
10 toes to bar

Nice to be able to run outside in a t-shirt. Came in just under 1:30 in the first run and out the door in just around 2:24. Next round was 2:51 and then I messed up splits until the last lap which was 3:06. final time 14:38. Bill knocked that off the board with a 13:11 at evening that is a sick time. By the way Bubba us crushing everything that CFBE is programming.

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