Thursday, February 17, 2011

Globo heavy Helen

Still in NYC and met Jack again for a globo wod.   Dennis came in town last night so he joined us as well.  CFNE had programmed Heavy Helen so that is what we set out to do.  Now Globo gyms are not organized to do any multi movement exercises.  There treadmills are very far away from the free weight which are far away from an open area to do KB  swings etc...  This wasnt going to stop us or even slow us down.  I know a lot of crossfitter get frustrated by this as they wont be able to PR.  I say get over it,  Your getting a good workout in even though you may have to wait for 10 seconds.  For petes sake dont get soo caught up in your white board score.

For those of you who dont remember what the hell Heavy Helen here is the reminder

3 rounds
400m Run
21 KB Swings 2 pood ( i love saying that word Pood)  Man was that a 2 pood kb?  2 pood is 70lbs
12 C2B

So poor Jack was slow on the draw and was forced to swing the 88lb KB.  Man that f**cker looked heavy.  The pull up bars in a globo gym are usually way over complicated with rubber grip over 3 different handle holds that are sure to cause carpal tunnel immediately upon use. It really doesnt matter anyway because after 21 swings my forearms were rolling up like a pulldown shade.  I ended up walking over to the pullup bar with my arms curled up like my friend in the photo on the right.   

The one thing that is easier in a globo gym is running on a treadmill.  There is practically zero resistance unless you crank up the elevation and you can be sure I wasnt doing that unless bad ass Ben programmed it that way,

I had a slight lead after the first treadmill run but that gap was closed by both Dennis and Jack as they were throwing those kettle bells around like pom poms.  The gap was ever so slight through the next rounds and right to the finish.  The lead wasnt really built through effort but by those guys being slowed  by having to wait for a place to do pull-ups.   Interestingly enough we debated whether having to wait allowed you to go faster during the movement and whether it evened it self out or not.  Final time - 14:18

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