Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice pellets

I was still feeling a bit worn out from this mornings workout but still felt I would benefit from another workout this evening. Of course I was late because of a business call that went long so I had to pay the piper with 20 burpees. 3 rounds of Cindy to warm up and then we hit the Strength portion

5x5 front Squats - the plan was to warm up and hit a weight that you could continue all the way thru the set. I still don't have a max front squat so I was really trying to figure out what I should do using the board as a guide. I settled at 175 but felt like it was a little too comfortable. Next time I should shoot for 200.

We ended with a 2 minute double under test. I have been really struggling with this movement lately and after a brief warm up went well I thought this may be the day. I had a nice run thru the 1st minute just under 100 and then had a ll sorts of trouble. Shoe came untied and then hit a rough patch. Hit 124 I would like to get this to at least 150.

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