Friday, February 11, 2011

Better Judgement

Last year on the last night of our world wide sales kick-off I wemt out hard. I remember looking at the clock in the room and it was close to 5am. This year at SKO has been different - in my room by 11 and not one sip of anything stronger than seltzer water. I was able to train everymornng and today was no different. I joined my colleagues Dennnis and Amy at Crossfit Las Vegas! I love their box as it's big and all the equipment is well spaced out.
Strength Wod
5,5,5 Press 115,135,155
4,4,4,4. Weighted pull-ups. Used a 2O kilo KB

3 rounds of 1 minute of
Row for calories
Total reps 373

On the flight home. Next 2 days off. Meeting the family in Vermont

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