Saturday, February 26, 2011

Short, Sweet and Completely Brutal

Friday February 25th WOD

Thursday and Friday's workouts on paper looked very simplistic. I have heard some read the white board amd say "Is that it, is that all we are doing today?  That is usually a very bad omen with lots of carnage sure to follow.  These are also the kind of WODs that show up in a throwdown.   I was feeling pretty rested after Thursday day off (especially as it wasnt dictated by travel) so decided to string a few of these together with a short break between them.  

So the first WOD had box jumps which have been my kryptonite so I need to find some time to work on that.

8 rounds for time of 5 pull ups & 10 box jumps.  I went head to head with Firefighter Paul and it was a good battle to the end.  After about a 7 minute break I hit the next WOD which was "Burnout"  21-15-9 Push Ups & Sit Ups. My goal was to hit that one under 2 minutes. As you can see from the left I made it with a second to spare.  

Rested for  5 minute break and went after the last one with a bit of hesitations  12-9-6 – HSPU + Toes to Bar.   This one was going to be the hardest because my max HSPU is only 15.  I was forced to break up the HSPU's each round and felt like I did a lot of standing around.  These were fun workouts and hopefully beneficial as well.

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